Government is not the solution to our problems…

There are so many Christians out there that think it is government’s responsibility to provide for the poor. Somehow this is seen as following Jesus’ teachings. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the old adage goes, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” Liberal policies create more dependents of the government and are only a band-aid solution to problems. Conservative policies provide long-term solutions to problems like poverty. What prompts me to write this is a quote from Rush Limbaugh today:

Conservatism is really the essence of compassion. It seeks the best for everybody; it has trust; it has confidence; it has faith in average people overcoming obstacles. Liberalism doesn’t. It doesn’t want people to learn how to do that. Democrats don’t want people to learn to do that. If you travel around and look at the differences in lifestyles in your community, all but a few rare examples, it’s not an accident that some people do very well and others do not. There are reasons for it and they can be tapped into by each and every one of us. Just depends on how much ambition people have. But when you have a major political party that for 50 years has been encouraging people to depend on it, the party, for all of these things, and when you somehow condition people to think that they are going to continue to get paid when they are no longer productive for a company, for crying out loud. I understand, as I said earlier, all these corporations make these union deals. But at some point the golden goose will be tapped out. At some point the money isn’t going to be there for it. Who in the world gets paid for doing nothing? Where is the thought process that says that it is even possible economically in perpetuity, forever? It is called a new deal, called social security. It is called this whole mind set. So what happens is that the companies make these deals and the pension plans and all the healthcare for all of these retirees who are no longer being productive, at some point, I don’t care, these companies that make these deals are in competition with other companies that don’t have these obligations, guess what’s going to happen? So then we get a question, “What is wrong with America?” The answer to what is wrong with America is liberalism.

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4 Responses to “Government is not the solution to our problems…”

  1. Harmony says:

    I love Rush Limbaugh! Last I heard, the liberals were still trying to get rid of talk radio because liberals don’t do well on talk radio like the conservatives.

    Many people on welfare will never get out of welfare because of liberal policies. Once a person gets on welfare, they have to keep qualifying for welfare to gain support. As long as they are provided for by welfare, they will try to keep their circumstances right to maintain that support.

  2. casey says:

    In my hometown the situation you describe was pretty commonplace. People used food stamps to buy cigarettes and booz. Able-bodied people pretended to be unable to work so that they could keep those welfare checks coming. I grew up in the second poorest county in the entire US.

  3. I like what Casey has to say and agree with almost all of it. I have two comments about what Rush said, though. First, regarding retirement, the checks come out of a fund that the employer set aside for you. The employer gets the money by paying you a little less and then setting that money aside to earn more money (for example, by making interest). Thus, the average retiree sponsored his own retirement income; the employer isn’t really paying anything.

    Second, the problem with America isn’t the Democrats or socialism. The problem with America lies in her abandoning the God and the godly values that made her great. Some of those values such as caring for the poor are found among Democrats, although they have a twisted implementation of those values. More of those values, such as self-reliance, are found among Republicans, although they have been worn down by the manipulations of the Democrat-controlled media. The further we wander from Christ, however, the more rapidly both parties abandon their values and the more rapidly both parties become corrupt. Conservatism is merely a band-aid on a gushing artery.

  4. casey says:

    Good points, PD.