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Not satisfied with McCain? Vote for Huckabee.

If you live in a state that has not yet held its primaries and you do not support McCain, I’d encourage you to vote for Huckabee. McCain is still short of the nomination, and we don’t have to support the establishment candidate. Huckabee can’t get the nomination, but he can ensure that we get a […]

Judge declares Declaration of Independence “unconstitutional”

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I’m currently experiencing blogger’s block. I can’t seem to come up with anything to write about lately. So instead of writing something of my own, I figured I’d introduce a gem of an article from entitled Judge Declares Declaration of Independence Unconstitutional. …“Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” “Endowed, by their Creator”? Let’s […]

The annoying Firefox pop-up window size bug

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Has anybody else experienced the frustration of trying to comment on blogs hosted by blogspot? You know, you click on “Leave a Comment,” and the pop-up window is about a tenth of the size it should be. You can’t read the other comments, and you certainly can’t leave one of your own. I was holding […]

Liberals, liberals, everywhere

According to National Journal’s ratings, Barack Hussein Obama was the most liberal of all US senators in 2007. Hillary was ranked 16th. Those conservatives who are thinking an Obama presidency would be better than a Hillary one better think again. On the Republican side, we have John McCain, who didn’t even vote enough last year […]