Contact Me

If you would like to send me e-mail, you can send it to . I receive quite a bit of e-mail, and I run this site by myself, so please don't be offended if I do not write you back. I read every message that I get, and I try my best to respond to serious messages. I don't, however, respond to hate mail or one-liners, and I can't possibly get back with you in time to help with a project that is due tomorrow. Recently, a number of people have written me without actually reading what I have written. If you don't have time to read what I wrote, then I don't have the time to read what you write to me. After all, if you're not willing to read what I've written on my webpage, how can I be sure you'll read what I write in an e-mail? I'd rather not waste my time.

Also, please do not ask me to respond to a different e-mail address than the one you send from. I have no way of knowing whether the address belongs to you or not, so I cannot respond to other e-mail addresses. Why people ask this I do not know, but I have had a few people make such requests, and I just have to ignore them.

That being said, I appreciate all feedback I get, and I encourage you to write me; even if you disagree with what I have to say. Thank you for your interest.