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Fred calls it quits

Fred withdrew his candidacy today. UPDATE: Mitt Romney issued this statement: Throughout this campaign, Fred Thompson brought a laudable focus to the challenges confronting our country and the solutions necessary to meet them. He stood for strong conservative ideas and believed strongly in the need to keep our conservative coalition together. Ann and I would […]

My punditry days are over…

I’m 0 for 2 now. I thought Romney was out of the race after New Hampshire, and I thought Fred was going to win in South Carolina. Just goes to show that you can’t make accurate predictions if you’re emotionally invested in the outcome. I’m disappointed that South Carolinians decided to vote for John McCain […]

David Limbaugh: Answering Fred’s Call

David Limbaugh (Rush Limbaugh’s brother) encourages people to support Fred Thompson: Commentators are citing the unpredictability of the Republican primary contests as proof that Reagan conservatism is dead when precisely the opposite conclusion is warranted. The main reason the conventional wisdom is being shattered in the primaries is that conservative voters, so far, have not […]

Financial advisers’ No. 1 worry: ‘Democrat in White House’

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In case there’s any doubt left about the fact that Democrats are bad for the economy, there’s a new survey of financial advisers out conducted by Brinker Capital Inc. In fact, having a Democrat president worried financial advisers more than concerns such as global unrest, a terrorist attack or a recession!

Predestination vs. free will

Does God predestine us or do we choose him of our own free will? As pointed out by J.P. Holding at Tektonics, the question boils down to a dichotomy: “Does God foreknow because he foreordains or does he foreordain because he foreknows?” I tend to believe the latter. In a very loose sense, I believe […]

Parody about Huckabee and clemency

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Warning: One mild profanity is used in the song. And in case you missed it, here’s the mother of one of Wayne DuMond’s victims speaking out against Huckabee:

Rush: “It looks like we have a conservative in the race, folks”

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It’s not an endorsement, but it’s apparently as far as Rush Limbaugh, who doesn’t do endorsements in primaries, will go: “It looks like we have a conservative in the race, folks. “…You just heard Huckabee say, in defining Reaganism, ‘We need to make sure that we communicate that our party is just as interested in […]

SC Debate Winner: Fred Thompson

Jim Geraghty of National Review says that Thompson was the big winner in the SC debate. He mentions that Frank Luntz’s focus group says Fred won, too. He must have, because at this moment I cannot access Fred’s website and the amount of donations has skyrocketed in the past hour. Go Fred!! Update: Here’s Fred […]

Six Things About Me (That You Could Give a Flying Leap About)

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I must apologize to my (three) non-American readers, as they have probably become fed up with all these posts on the upcoming presidential election. This meme should help split up the political posts. I am also working on a short post about my views on pre-destination and free will. Several of the blogs I read […]

With Romney out, is Thompson going to take the lead?

Romney outspent all the other candidates combined in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and yet he was unable to take first place in either state. This should prove that he is unviable as a candidate. If he drops out, we’re left with John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson (no one really believes […]