Environmental activism is a religious experience

Environmental activism is a religious experience. What else can explain the utter pointlessness of trying to “save” a world you believe arose by accident and is ultimately destined for destruction? The majority, or at least a very large number, of environmental activists are atheistic evolutionists who believe that life is the result of an accident that occurred billions of years ago. If life is an accident then so is the sun, and when the sun burns out a few millenia from now, all life will cease to exist. It will be as if nothing ever happened. All the environmentalists’ efforts to prolong the inevitable will have been forgotten by…well, there actually won’t be anyone left to remember!

Apparently there really is a God-shaped hole that we all need to fill. Many people are filling this void in their lives by dedicating themselves to stopping climate change, an impossible task to accomplish on a planet that has been through several ice ages and periods of warm. At least it will be something that can be pursued for many generations to come! Just as there are Christian hypocrites, there are environmentalist hypocrites like Al Gore who preach one message for the rest of us while making no sacrifices themselves.

But then, religious ferver isn’t always based on rational thinking, is it? It’s like the article I introduced the other day. These extremists are pushing for eliminating or drastically reducing the use of fossil fuels insisting that they harm the environment, but nobody considers the consequences of forsaking the source of energy “that played a leading and essential role in the vast improvements in human health, prosperity, and life expectancy during the last hundred years.” These include:

  • whether restrictions on fossil-fuel energy would make us poorer

Consumer Alert details some of the consequences of implementing these destructive policies on their website.

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