Democrats and the Fairness Doctrine

Knowing that they cannot compete on the merits of their ideas, Democrats love to try to silence the competition. Why is it that it is the Republicans that always get accused of censorship? Rush Limbaugh explains it this way:

Bring it on! Pelosi and the Democrats are resurrecting The Fairness Doctrine to shut up Rush. The left saw their liberal radio network go down in flames, but they won’t accept that they cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas. No, they’re going to require local radio stations to “balance” Rush’s commentary, knowing it will create hassles so thick that radio stations will drop the show. “It’s a pure Stalinist tactic,” Rush says. “Elected officials of government are attempting to deny private citizens access to the microphone.” The focus of Democrats is to make war on Rush, not Al-Qaeda.

It’s not just Rush, though, it’s a host of conservative radio hosts. Of course, Rush is the biggest name, but there are others. Since there are no liberal hosts with any kind of an audience, the Democrats are essentially trying to shut down conservative talk radio. It’s pathetic.

Rush continues,

Local management at radio stations will simply cancel programs like this because it’s not worth the hassle to let every complainer have access to the airwaves. That’s what would happen. It would happen by the millions. It would happen in droves because this is a coordinated plan. It’s a coordinated stunt. At the same time they’re doing that, if they grant all this time — if I’m forced to grant time, or local stations are forced to cut portions of this program so that whoever’s been offended can respond — then this program ceases to be what it is. It is a pernicious thing and it is being done for one reason, and that is to silence conservatives.

Bush won’t sign the legislation, of course, but this is definitely something to be concerned about should a Democrat get elected to the presidency in 2008.

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