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Anthropic global warming theory = junk science

An unfalsifiable theory is, by definition, junk science. Anthropic global warming is unfalsifiable, as can be seen with the recent rise to prevalence of the term “climate change” in place of global warming. Sure, the global temperatures have not risen for the past 15 years, but if you say “climate change,” you can have it […]

Require basic test to vote

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I wonder whether it might be better if there was a basic test required before people were allowed to vote. If a basic knowledge of civics and economics was required before people could vote, I don’t think we’d be in the state we are in today. It’s probably unconstitutional, but perhaps we could make an […]

Ridiculous Scrooges

It happens every year: All over the United States, scrooges take schools and other public institutions to court to challenge Christmas celebrations. Stores remove Christmas displays in favor of more generic displays of “season’s greetings.” Public spaces are cleared of manger scenes. The list goes on and on. It’s already started this year. Anyone who […]

Orwellian politics

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Dick Morris has a good article on his blog today called “Rhetoric v. Reality: Health Care by Orwell“. President Obama’s rhetoric last night summoned the memory of “1984,” George Orwell’s novel of a nightmarish future — where the slogan of the rulers is “War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength.” The president assures […]

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

The Obama presidency has so far been a disaster for future prosperity. The national debt has, what doubled? Our president is calling the shots at auto companies, and he is well on the way to establishing a socialized health care system and putting the final nail in the coffin of capitalism. Americans are now funding […]

Canadian healthcare

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If you have about 20 minutes to spare, this is an excellent video. Michael Moore sings the praises of the Canadian healthcare system, but here’s a guy who actually went to Canada and went along with some Canadian friends to try to get treated by a doctor. The waits we hear about are not exaggerated. […]

Enemy combatants and Miranda rights

In case you missed it, I just had to share this little observation from Jay Nordlinger: Do you remember back when right-wingers used to joke, “If a liberal Democrat is elected president, and commander-in-chief, we’ll be reading terrorists their Miranda rights”? Do you remember that? It was funny, wasn’t it? Yes, I remember that. I’d […]

Homosexual adoption

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WND reports that recent research has shown that children raised in homosexual homes are seven times more likely to develop “non-heterosexual preferences” than other children. The discoveries are apparently also being covered up because they do not fit with the politically correct position, i.e. that homosexuality is hereditary not learned behavior. I think it’s possible […]

Electricity is good

Just thought I’d share this interesting “demotivator” sign Jay Nordlinger mentioned in his blog today. It was created by a guy who works (poor soul) at a state environmental agency.

The best of intentions

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The promises of people promoting socialized medicine sound good at first. It’s too bad they’re based on naïveté. A lot of liberals are promoting the British system as a positive example of government-run healthcare. British parliament member Daniel Hannan, however, warns us not to go down the same road. HT: Flopping Aces