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What if SETI found ET?

The question was posed at Uncommon Descent in response to a survey. Personally, I am absolutely convinced that there are no sentient extraterrestrials out there (I’m undecided as to whether or not I think there might be unintelligent life on other planets). I agree with one of the commenters at UD who said, The problem […]

The precious accident

I was watching a show called “Alien Planet” on the Discovery channel today, and some scientist (I presume an atheist) said, “We have to realize that life is the result of a series of random accidents. Life is precious, so we must do whatever we can to protect it.” He then went into a shpiel […]

Scientists: Appendix Protects Good Germs

Some surgeons and immunologists at Duke University Medical School say that the appendix actually does have a function: It produced and protects good germs for your digestive system. Creationists have argued for quite some time that the appendix does, in fact, have a purpose. Now that evolutionary scientists are saying the same thing and it’s […]

Who created God?

If you ask an evolutionist what was there before the Big Bang, they’ll likely ask you who created God. Everyone knows that every effect must be preceded by a cause. This only applies, however, when time is a factor. The Bible teaches that God created the universe. The universe is comprised of space, matter and […]

Who was Cain’s wife?

This is a question that has oddly perplexed Christians over the ages even though the answer is as plain as day in the book of Genesis. I saw the question just the other day posted at BlogCatalog. It seems to come up all the time, so I guess it won’t hurt to answer it one […]

A bad argument against evolution

Lately I have seen a certain argument against evolution popping up left and right. It seems that many people think that it is reasonable to assume that if humans evolved from apes there should be no more apes. First off, to be technical, evolutionists do not believe we came from apes. They think we share […]

Random, incoherent observation of the day

Yesterday a mosquito reminded me of something that I find inexplicable: why are we able to discover medicines? Cortisone stops the itch of a mosquito bite almost instantaneously. I understand why mosquito bites itch. I also understand how cortisone stops the itch. What I don’t understand is why does cortisone exist? What is the evolutionary […]

“Beneficial” mutations?

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Evolutionists like to cite “beneficial” mutations as the source of the creative power of evolution. There’s just one problem: all the so-called “beneficial” mutations that have been observed involve a degradation of information. Biochemist Michael Behe recently pointed this out, and I can’t do any better than the post at Uncommon Descent at describing the […]

Trip to the Creation Museum

While visiting family in the States, I was able to take a trip to the “controversial” Creation Museum in Florence, KY (near Cincinnati). It was extremely crowded. We waited in line for 45 minutes to get in after a very long drive, but it was well worth the wait! We started off our tour with […]

Evolutionists fear other ideas

As you may know, Answers in Genesis has opened a huge Creation Museum in Kentucky. On Ken Ham’s blog, he gives some responses by people at the University of Cincinnati. “What I have a problem with is how the Answers in Genesis movement twists science — repeatedly taking facts out of context — in order […]