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Riots if Obama loses?

The Left is hinting at widespread chaos if Obama loses. Are they trying to scare people into voting for Obama? Are they trying to legitimize violence in the event that their candidate of choice loses? Are these Democrats convinced that if their candidate does not win then democracy will not/does not work? What exactly is […]

Would it kill him to be honest?

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If this isn’t an example of deliberate fact twisting, I don’t know what is.

The problem(s) with Calvinism

This is not actually in response to a post on Caffeinated Thoughts, but that post convinced me to actually go ahead and write this one. I’m not looking to start an argument. I would just like to point out the glaring problems I see with Calvinism and see if anyone can provide me with a […]

Randy Alcorn on the election

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Randy Alcorn says, I don’t think someone is a good candidate just because he is prolife. But he cannot be a good candidate unless he is prolife. Personally, if he is committed to legalized child-killing, as a matter of conscience I must vote against him.

Obama and the New Party

Anyone still want to argue that Obama is not or never has been a socialist?

Michael English singing my favorite song

(It starts at about 1:10 into the video. The first part is not too shabby, either. At around 4:05 you’ll see why he’s my favorite singer.) In fact, if you like that one, check this one out, too:

Obama the divider

Thomas Sowell on Obama: Barack Obama has carried election-year makeovers to a new high, presenting himself as a uniter of people, someone reaching across the partisan divide and the racial divide — after decades of promoting polarization in each of his successive roles and each of his choices of political allies.

The white enemy

Is it racist to point out that someone else is racist? Are regular Americans racist if they are alarmed by the teachings of Black Liberation Theology? Would it be racist to be uncomfortable with the fact that Obama attended a church that teaches this herecy for more than 20 years? Apparently so, but it scares […]

Controversy where there is none

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Can anyone imagine someone in the US claiming that there’s some secret conspiracy behind a government organization putting up the national flag? That’s exactly what happened earlier this month in Japan. Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa decided to display the Japanese flag in the ministry’s press briefing room. What on earth could possibly be wrong with […]

Troubling pattern

How is it that someone like Barack Obama is actually in the running to become President of the United States? Are people really not scared when they look at his personal associations and voting record? Does it really not matter that for 20 years he attended a church that preaches Black Liberation Theology (the idea […]