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What makes my blood boil…

…is the elitists in the global warming scaremongering movement that tell us that we have to make sacrifices or the world is going to end. Rich people like Al Gore and Sting who say that there is a crisis going on and that we have to change the way we live or the earth itself […]

Are we causing Mars and Jupiter to warm, too?

If there are no Martians or Jupiterians, then the global warming occuring on those planets must be our fault, right? Well, at least we know President Bush has something to do with it.

Does your computer randomly crash and restart?

My computer (about three years old, I guess) was randomly crashing and restarting recently, so I searched around on the Internet for the symptoms and discovered that dust could be the culprit. I contacted the manufacturer’s support center and got instructions for removing the outer case, and sure enough, there was a lot of dust, […]

Shroud of Turin back in the news

The Shroud of Turin is back in the news. John Jackson, a physics lecturer at the University of Colorado contends that the results of the carbon dating tests done back in the 80’s are suspect because of possible contamination. You can count me among the skeptics, but I am still fascinated by the shroud nonetheless. […]

Chitose Hajime

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I thought I’d do something different today and introduce one of my favorite Japanese singers. Her name is Chitose Hajime. She is from the Amami Islands and mixes in traditional folk sound with her music.

What if SETI found ET?

The question was posed at Uncommon Descent in response to a survey. Personally, I am absolutely convinced that there are no sentient extraterrestrials out there (I’m undecided as to whether or not I think there might be unintelligent life on other planets). I agree with one of the commenters at UD who said, The problem […]

Error with WordPress 2.5 uploader

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When I first upgraded to WordPress 2.5 I was having problems with the flash uploader. I kept getting an “HTTP Error,” and WordPress was telling me to “Try again later.” I searched around the forums and dug through many useless threads until discovering that it could have something to do with mod_security. I then checked […]

Casey’s Critical Thinking has moved!

Well, I’m now at a new domain. It’s been a long time coming. For the longest time I have wanted to register,, or something like that, but those domains are reserved for at least the next decade or so. I thought about, but that’s too long. So then it occurred to […]