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Merry Christmas!

I guess this will be my last post this year. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Health insurance and the victimhood canard

One of the biggest twisting of the facts that goes on in the healthcare debate is the insistence by supporters of nationalized healthcare of using “health insurance” and “health care” interchangeably. That’s another topic all together, but I wanted to highlight something Star Parker mentioned in her latest column: Health insurance, so far, is not […]

Gay relationships and incest

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The NYT reports that on Monday, Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, wrote a letter to President Obama in which he said, “I cannot overstate the pain that we feel as human beings and as families when we read an argument, presented in federal court, implying that our own marriages have no more […]

In the Footsteps of Paul

A recent trip to Greece piqued my interest in the history of Christianity. It also strengthened my conviction that Christianity is true. Some skeptics say that Jesus did not exist. The life and missionary work of Paul of Tarsus prove otherwise. You don’t even have to take into account the miraculous conversion experience where he […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, y’all. See ya next year!


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President Obama

Well, my gut was wrong. Again. (I thought Fred Thompson was going to win the Republican nomination.) The difference between the Left and the Right, though? The Left hates the United States whenever a Republican is president. The Right will always love the United States.

Michael English singing my favorite song

(It starts at about 1:10 into the video. The first part is not too shabby, either. At around 4:05 you’ll see why he’s my favorite singer.) In fact, if you like that one, check this one out, too:

Good Search

Here’s a new easy way to raise money for your favorite cause. Just start using Yahoo! powered as your search engine and they’ll donate a penny to your favorite cause every time you do a search! In addition, do all of your shopping through their online shopping mall,, where you can shop at […]