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Enemy combatants and Miranda rights

In case you missed it, I just had to share this little observation from Jay Nordlinger: Do you remember back when right-wingers used to joke, “If a liberal Democrat is elected president, and commander-in-chief, we’ll be reading terrorists their Miranda rights”? Do you remember that? It was funny, wasn’t it? Yes, I remember that. I’d […]

Leader says Hamas ‘won’t recognise Israel’

In case anyone actually believed that the Palestinians were interested in peace, here’s the story right from the horse’s mouth: Hamas is ready to accept a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders but “it will not recognise Israel,” the Islamist movement’s exiled chief Khaled Meshaal told a news conference Monday. “We accept a Palestinian state […]

The folly of pacifism

Micah Tillman has an interesting discussion going on over at his blog. He notes that pacifism taken to its logical end must result in anarchism. Personally, I prefer black and white. If pacifism could stand up to scrutiny, I’d be all for it. I don’t like having to wade through shades of gray. Unfortunately, life […]

Top 5 9/11 Truther Myths You Should Be Prepared to Debunk

Mary Katharine Ham has a great piece on 9/11 truthers on Townhall today. Six years later, and the conspiracy theories are still floating around. I figured the kooks would have gone away by now. Myth No. 1: Four novice pilots with no experience could never have successfully guided those planes into three out of four […]

Why do liberals blame the US for the Iraqi death toll?

Why is it that liberals like to place banners on their websites showing the Iraqi death toll? Obviously, it is because they believe that the US is to blame for the casualties. Victor Davis Hanson notes on National Review: Somehow “thousands have been killed” is never qualified as those mostly butchered and blown up by […]

Palestinian leader: ‘Kill every American and Jew’

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Why are we providing aid to these people? To make them like us? I’m sorry, but if we dropped support for them all together, I’m afraid their feelings toward us couldn’t get any worse. What’s the point? Yeah, yeah, I know: Give expecting nothing in return. Well, I want to see some gratitude from these […]

VDH’s dream

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Victor David Hanson says he had a dream that the British sailors that were captured by Iran fought back. It’s a nice essay about how the world should be. I recently had a dream that British marines fought back, like their forefathers of old, against criminals and pirates. When taken captive, they proved defiant in […]

Hostages released on Iranian terms

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Thank God the British hostages were released without harm, but God help us, because they were released on Iranian terms. The Iranians learned two things through this incident I think we’d all be better off had they not: 1) The EU can’t protect its citizens 2) Engaging in illegal behavior brings with it no consequences […]

Islamists posing as Americans

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Here’s an interesting story about Islamic websites encouraging users to register on American web forums and pose as Americans to foster anti-war sentiments in the US. “Obviously, you should post your contribution … as an American … You should correspond with visitors to this forum, [bringing to their attention] the frustrating situation of their troops […]

Israel Affirms Hard Line on Palestinians

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The AP calls Israel’s position that it will not deal with parties refusing to recognize its right to exist, or seeking its destruction a “hard line.” Jay Nordlinger from National Review put it nicely when he said, “And what might a soft line be? National suicide?” When blacks were fighting for the right to be […]