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I will stand on the side of the egg…What?

Japanese bestselling author Haruki Murakami recently went to Israel to accept an award. In the true words of a genius, he said, “If there is a hard, high wall and an egg that breaks against it, no matter how right the wall or how wrong the egg, I will stand on the side of the […]

Leader says Hamas ‘won’t recognise Israel’

In case anyone actually believed that the Palestinians were interested in peace, here’s the story right from the horse’s mouth: Hamas is ready to accept a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders but “it will not recognise Israel,” the Islamist movement’s exiled chief Khaled Meshaal told a news conference Monday. “We accept a Palestinian state […]

The 1,800-year Israeli drought

Joseph Farah has a very interesting piece today on rainfall in Israel. I found the story fascinating: Update: See the comments below for links to articles that state that there have been droughts in Israel since its re-establishment and that rainfall has actually decreased in the last century. The 1,800-year drought is still interesting to […]

Israel Affirms Hard Line on Palestinians

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The AP calls Israel’s position that it will not deal with parties refusing to recognize its right to exist, or seeking its destruction a “hard line.” Jay Nordlinger from National Review put it nicely when he said, “And what might a soft line be? National suicide?” When blacks were fighting for the right to be […]