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Longevity a mixed blessing for Japanese

Japan Today reports: Japan on Friday welcomed the news it had topped the world longevity ratings, but with its citizens living increasingly longer lives it may soon become hard for the government to find enough young taxpayers to support them. The statistics for 2007 published on Thursday by the World Health Organization put Japan on […]

Surprise, surprise: Common sense is just that

What are the chances that a married person who is faithful to his or her spouse is going to contract AIDS? Pretty much zero. Common sense would therefore tell you that the best way to avoid contracting AIDS would be to abstain from sexual intercourse outside the confines of marriage. Apparently this is not so […]

More on ESCR

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Former President Clinton recently added his two cents to the debate. He said that scientists engaging in embryonic stem cell research must be careful to use only embryos that “have been placed beyond the pale of being fertilized before their use.” Somebody should tell him that fertilization is what produces an embryo and starts human […]

Lifting ban on embryonic stem cell funding not above Obama’s pay grade

For someone who says that the question of when life begins is above his pay grade, President Obama certainly seems sure that it isn’t at conception. After all, if the life of a human being begins at conception, as is the scientific consensus, Obama would surely not be able to say something like, “the potential […]

Obama stimulus plan: Elderly beware

Betsy McCaughey has a commentary on Bloomberg about how the Obama stimulus plan is going to overhaul healthcare in the country so that ” individuals benefit in younger years and sacrifice later.” Is this really what Americans want? Elderly Hardest Hit Daschle says health-care reform “will not be pain free.” Seniors should be more accepting of the […]

Chuck Colson on socialized medicine

There was an interesting BreakPoint commentary today about socialized medicine in Britain. Bruce Hardy probably doesn’t have long to live. But he could live longer, if it weren’t for the attitude and policies of the British government. As recounted in a New York Times article, Mr. Hardy has kidney cancer that has spread to his […]

Is it alive, dead or an inanimate object?

Wow, just got this video from Ash123. Ilana Goldman, president of Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF), is a major proponent of forcing taxpayers to fund abortion, but she is unwilling to answer the simple question of whether the fetus is living, dead or an inanimate object–not from a moral perspective, but from a purely scientific perspective. […]

No one has the right to determine the value of someone else’s life

Gianna Jesson is a survivor of abortion. Yes, her mother wanted to kill her. Some pro-choicers argue that if your mother doesn’t want you that your life will be miserable and not worth living (i.e., the potential for child abuse means that abortion is the “compassionate” choice). I wonder why Gianna is not leading a […]

More on the comparison between arguments for slavery and abortion

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Father Thomas D. Williams had this to say about support for abortion by Catholic Democrats: It is fascinating to read over texts circulated in the middle of the 19th century in defense of the practice of slavery. When we look back at how revered politicians, intellectuals, and churchmen could seriously defend a practice that now […]

When in doubt, kill, kill, kill?

Obama recently clarified his position on when life begins (before he had said it was “above [his] pay grade”).  In an interview with ABC News’ This Week program on Sunday, Obama said, “What I intended to say is that, as a Christian, I have a lot of humility…all I meant to communicate was that I […]