The best of intentions

The promises of people promoting socialized medicine sound good at first. It’s too bad they’re based on naïveté. A lot of liberals are promoting the British system as a positive example of government-run healthcare. British parliament member Daniel Hannan, however, warns us not to go down the same road.

HT: Flopping Aces

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5 Responses to “The best of intentions”

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    I really appreciate your focus in this area Casey. In the US it will not be very long before all of us boomers are covered by Medicare. This will seem like universal health care for those people paying income tax.

    • casey says:

      Yeah, reform is definitely needed, but I’m afraid we’re going to go down the wrong road thinking anything is better than doing nothing. I’m pretty sure that line of thinking is what got the stimulus package passed. There’s a reason the US is where it is today. If we follow Europe’s example we’ve got nowhere to go but down.

  2. MAS1916 says:

    The best place to set up a medical practice in the US is on the Canadian border. border. All those that don’t get attention from their socialized system are are
    are compelled to come to the US for treatment.. Either that or expire.

    Your choice, America!

  3. Mike says:

    You know what they say as I am sure you were eluding to Casey. Good intentions pave the way to hell. That about surmises socialized health care.

    • casey says:

      Yeah. I really sympathise with where people are coming from, but I just wish everyone would take a look at history. Why are we the largest economy in the world? Hard work (less vacations than any western European country) is of course one reason, but capitalism is the main factor. We can survive as a nation by following in the footsteps of Europe, but we cannot maintain our prosperity. Socialized medicine is going to take us halfway there.