Voting for the lesser of two evils

In the past I have advocated the “vote for the lesser of two evils” argument when it came to presidential elections. I don’t know if I really believed it, though, because I never really was faced with a Republican candidate I was not comfortable with voting for. It’s way too early in the game to decide who’s going to be the Republican nominee, but as it stands right now we have John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani as front runners.

Each of these candidates says they would appoint constructionist judges, and each of them claims to be “personally” against abortion. John McCain is prolife, as is evidenced by his 0% rating with NARL. However, he supports research on fetal stem cells, which shows he hasn’t spent much time considering the issue. Giuliani was a pretty good pro-choicer, I understand, as mayor of New York. Although opposed to gay “marriage,” both of them seem to support recognition of “domestic partnerships” for gays. Mitt Romney has a pretty good record of supporting special rights for gays even forcing laws upon the state by executive order. He says that he has changed his mind on abortion and is now pro-life, so I’ll take his word on that.

My mind may change come November 2008, but as of right now I don’t think I could cast my vote for the “lesser of two evils.” If we continue to do that we’ll eventually lose the Republican party to the same leftists that have overtaken the Democratic party. And then we’ll forever be voting for the “lesser of two evils” rather than a good candidate. I may seriously have to consider voting for a third party candidate.

I so hope that Fred Thompson joins the race and gets the Republican nomination. Not only is he pro-life, but he sums up my position on gay marriage perfectly when he says that “We ought to be a tolerant nation and we ought to be a tolerant people, but we shouldn’t set up special categories for anybody. I’m for the rights of everybody, including gays, but not any special rights. Marriage is between a man and a woman, and I don’t think judges ought to come along and change that.”

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