Judge declares Declaration of Independence “unconstitutional”

I’m currently experiencing blogger’s block. I can’t seem to come up with anything to write about lately. So instead of writing something of my own, I figured I’d introduce a gem of an article from Townhall.com entitled Judge Declares Declaration of Independence Unconstitutional.

…“Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” “Endowed, by their Creator”? Let’s pass a bill including this language today and see what happens. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) would bring suit before the vote was even cast; Michael Newdow’s daughter would somehow be deeply affected by it, prompting him to bring yet another suit; and Barry Lynn would be invited to every major news show to “educate” us as to why this kind of rhetoric is okay as long as you keep it to yourself, but once you actually express it, well, then we have a problem.

But liberal scholars consistently encounter one little problem: there would be no Constitution without the Declaration of Independence. This legal document gave notice to the international community that a new nation was being formed. Without it there is no United States of America. It gives us the legal right to enact a Constitution. More important, it is a declaration of rights that no government can take away.

…So liberal activists should be truthful for once, or at least intellectually honest (remember, they believe there is no truth; everything is relative), and stop their little nonsensical lawsuits against “under God” in the pledge of allegiance, the 10 Commandments in the public square, “In God We Trust” in our coins, etc., and ask a judge (perhaps the brilliant Ninth Circuit) to declare, once and for all, the Declaration of Independence unconstitutional.

After that perhaps they can finally take their cases to the House of Lords.

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7 Responses to “Judge declares Declaration of Independence “unconstitutional””

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    Maybe it would better if they took their cases to the House of the Lord :)

  2. casey says:

    Ha, ha. Here’s praying they will. ;)

  3. Rick Rouse says:

    If either Obama or Clinton win the right to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice(s), “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

  4. Ash75 says:

    By ACLU logic, the constitution itself is unconstitutional. Jesus Christ is mentioned in it as “our Lord” after all.

  5. Blogger’s block? We all get that once and a while. Sometimes it’s just that life happens and there is no time.

  6. atheist says:

    One thing you conservatives like to overlook is the fact that the Declaration of Independence may be part of our history but it was written BEFORE THERE WAS A UNITED STATES. Therefore, it is not part of our laws. The United States was created as an explicitly secular nation. Every citizen is free to worship or not as they choose but the GOVERNMENT is required to stay out of the religion business.

    Imagine how you would feel if the dollar bill read “In The Goddess We Trust” or you were required to pledge allegiance to “One Nation Under Allah”. That doesn’t go down so well, does it?

    It’s not majority rule. Worship any gods you want in any church you want. Keep it out of City Hall.

  7. casey says:

    [Sarcasm alert]
    I am floored by the inexorable logic of your comeback, atheist.