You sell what?


This is a store beside TGI Friday’s in Tokyo (Machida) where I like to eat when I want some American food. I took the picture with my mobile phone, which does not have a very good camera on it, so in case it’s too fuzzy to read or you can’t believe your eyes, the name of the store is FAMOUSCRAP.

I thought I’d introduce those of you not familiar with Japan to the world of Engrish (also known as Nihonglish, Japlish, Eihongo, etc.). What the term refers to is the strange words and phrases that appear on signs, t-shirts, product names, store names (as the one above), etc. in Japan (or other Asian countries).

If you’ve never seen the crazy things that they put on signs and merchandise here in Japan, take a look at You’re sure to find some things that will tickle your funny bone. I had a good laugh the other day at some of the photos and captions at Japangrish.

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