Texas State Lawmaker Opposing Deadly Force Bill Shoots Would-Be Thief

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I hate guns. I think people have a right to defend themselves, though, and especially when someone breaks into their home. Why is it that liberals and liberal lawmakers that support tighter gun control laws often carry concealed weapons themselves or have bodyguards that do? I’ve seen two stories recently of this kind of hypocrisy, but this one takes the cake.

A state lawmaker [Democrat] who opposed a bill giving Texans stronger right to defend themselves with deadly force pulled a gun and shot a man he says was trying to steal copper wiring from a construction site, police said Monday.

So this guy doesn’t think his constituents should be allowed to defend themselves without retreating in their own homes, but he should be allowed to shoot people who attempt to steal his property.  I don’t know about shooting thieves at a construction site, but if someone breaks into your home you should not have to ask them what they want before using deadly force to defend your family. This guy’s either got his priorities mixed up or he’s a “glittering gem” of hypocrisy, as Rush Limbaugh would say.

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