How I got started blogging

Well, the main thing that got me started blogging was that I needed some way to keep people updated on my latest essays and what was going on with my website. I got tired of having to play with html each time, so I decided to do the updates in blog form. I also liked the idea of putting my thoughts out there without going into a full blown essay. So that’s how I started blogging. Nothing much to it.

The longer story is how I got started with a website. I owe that to my brother. He got interested in making webpages way back when Al Gore invented the Internet. I grew up in a somewhat Christian home attending a private Christian school. That pretty much sheltered me from the outside world and kept me from getting interested in what was happening outside of my sphere of influence. I couldn’t have cared less about abortion or attempts by secularists to rid the country of all forms of Christian expression. It just didn’t occur to me that such things actually concerned me.

Then I transferred to a public high school and was introduced to the real world. It was there that I realized I needed to be a positive influence on those around me. I realized that I needed to share with people the truth about abortion and other societal evils. I wore pro-life t-shirts to school, but that was about the extent of my efforts. I didn’t really care to argue with anyone or say anything about Christian morals unless someone asked me.


That’s the way it went, and that’s how I probably still would be had it not been for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. They came to my university with their Genocide Awareness Project (GAP). The pictures of aborted babies were shocking. At first, I didn’t know what to think about them, but I went to talk to Dr. Cunningham, and watching and listening to him interact with pro-choicers was simply amazing. He is the most intelligent debater I have ever seen. He had people yelling at him and in some cases threatening him with violence, but by the time he was done talking with them, they were on his side!

I volunteered to help them for the remainder of their time on campus, and I got to see a video of an actual abortion. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. The child in the womb was frantically trying to get away from the doctor’s instruments and writhed in pain as he or she was being ripped to pieces. I was taught that boys don’t cry, so it is not often that I shed a tear, but I was weeping after seeing that video. It was then that I decided that wearing pro-life t-shirts was not enough. I decided that I needed to start voting and getting involved politically.

So my brother started a website for me on his webspace and did all the updates for me until I learned html myself. I’ve been trying to do my part to end abortion ever since. As for the other topics, as long as I was going to be doing a website, I figured I might as well add creation/evolution into the mix, since that is another subject that interests me, and it has branched out from there.

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19 Responses to “How I got started blogging”

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    What an interesting story Casey. After fighting this one for over 25 years, how do you think the pro-life cause is going?

  2. casey says:

    I think the tide is turning. If we can elect a real (social) conservative Republican in 2008 we’ll get another constructionist judge who will finally tip the balance of power in the SC in our favor and allow us to finally get rid of RvW.

    Once the decision gets put back in the power of the states we’ll have more open debate on the topic. Prolifers win when it comes to facts, and prochoicers know it. That’s why they’ve insisted on using emotional arguments for the past 25 years. Prolifers know how to rebut these arguments now, so I think we’ll see abortion get banished to the pages of history if RvW is overturned.

  3. Kansas Bob says:

    Not sure about overturning Roe.. here is what Scalia.. arguably the most pro-life jurist.. said recently:

    “I see no constitutional right to an abortion, just as I see nothing in [the Constitution] criminalizing or prohibiting abortion.”


  4. casey says:

    Well, I’m not old enough to be making predictions, but seeing as how there is no constitutional basis for the “right to an abortion,” a constructionist judge like Scalia will have to overturn Roe v. Wade, because it was an unlawful ruling. The courts do not have the authority to make law, which is what they did with RvW. What Scalia is saying is that it is not the Court’s place to make laws. I have no doubt that he would write the majority opinion should RvW ever be overturned.

  5. Kansas Bob says:

    Seems that sommeone who saw an unborn baby as a life woud say that the Constitution prohibits abortion/murder.. but maybe Scalia is just riding the fence until the court takes a case where he has to take a stand for life.

  6. casey says:

    If he stated that position plainly he’d probably be asked to recuse himself from the case if it was ever re-examined (on the grounds that he made a decision before examining the evidence). You can’t read his writings and come away with any other impression than that he is a devout man of faith. If we had a majority of like-minded justices, RvW would never have become law.

  7. Kansas Bob says:

    Agree with your response Casey.. I like Scalia and echo your sentiments about like-minded justices.

  8. Sicarii says:

    That’s a great stand to take, Casey, and a great reason for starting to blog.

    Back in my younger days, my then girlfriend and I had first hand experience of abortion because we made a decision to have our child taken away. Till today, we feel guilty about it and sometimes I do think about the aborted child and how he or she might have been a teenager today living a full life.

    God bless, and Shalom!

  9. casey says:

    The GAP exhibits are a good way to keep people from making the mistake of abortion. I never considered abortion an option, but I have seen testimonies of women who have chosen not to abort their babies after seeing what abortion actually is.

  10. childlife says:

    “Back when Gore invented the internet…” (LOL!)

    Great testimony Casey… I couldn’t think of a much better reason to start a blog.

  11. casey says:

    Thanks, childlife. :)

  12. Laurie says:

    I don’t follow political issues as widely as I should but seeing an abortion would certainly put anyone into focus. The controversy has gone on for years but not enough changes. When I hear about abortions I think about all those couples waiting, hoping, and praying for a baby of their own who simply can’t achieve it themselves.

  13. Laurie says:

    The topic of abortion kinda hits close to home for me. My sister had an abortion and I’ve had a bit of resentment toward her for it. I had an unplanned pregancy as well and because circumstances were largely difficult at that point and time in my life I was convinced to adopt my son out. Though I regret it, I commend myself also for giving my son the opportunity to live. We met recently and are currently working on a relationship. Though I have regrets, he’s not bitter and for the most part got well taken care of. My niece or nephew didn’t get that chance.

  14. casey says:

    I’d say there’s a good chance your sister is feeling sorry enough for the both of you.

  15. stephanie says:

    why is abortion such a big deal to you guys? Its not something right or wrong, its a choice. A choice that is not yours to make. It is something unnatural and when watching videos must be worse, but why do you want to watch them? WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF MAKING ABORTION ILLEGAL?

    I just would like to clariy that i am simply interested and curious as to why this is such a political issue?? I’m not upset or anything or opposing anyone of you bloggers. I would just like my questons asked, its a study i am doing.

  16. stephanie says:

    Srry, I mispelled some things… I meant, questions answered*

  17. casey says:

    Stephanie, please don’t use all caps. Abortion is a big deal because it involves the deliberate destruction of innocent human life. I don’t know what else to say. How can you call that a choice?

  18. stephanie says:

    Because the only person it hurts is the one getting the abortion. They are the ones that suffer.(Oh, I apologize about the caps) I totally understand people who are against it for whatever personal reasons but why should you take away someones freedom? Yes, its an innocent life but when it’s in your belly, you decides what you want to do with this life that you created; it’s a choice.

  19. casey says:

    It is never okay to intentionally take the life of an innocent human being, regardless of his or her location. It is no more a “choice” for a woman to kill her unborn child than it is a “choice” for her to kill her newborn. The important part of the equation is human life, not where that human life resides.

    A pregnant woman is free to do whatever she wishes with her own body. Abortion, however, affects the body of another human being. Our rights do not extend to actions that will be destructive to other human beings.