A democrat state’s idea of punishment

In Massachusetts, people who commit violent crimes can expect to watch television on high-definition, flat-screen televisions. Is it any wonder why democrats have a reputation of being soft on crime?

While state employees face layoffs, one state is spending thousands of dollars to ensure prison inmates can watch the Super Bowl from 117 brand new high-definition, flat-screen televisions.

Massachusetts’ overcrowded prison system has already shelled out $76,958 for the new sets this month, the Boston Herald reports.

Department of Corrections spokeswoman Diane Wiffin said the TVs will be placed in all common areas of all Department of Correction prisons before the nation’s transition to digital TV.

Worcester County Sheriff Guy Glodis recently confiscated TVs from the Worcester County House of Correction. He told the Herald he is mystified by the amount spent on the expensive sets.

“It sends the wrong message when they’re asking sheriff offices throughout the state to cut at least a million out of our budget,” Glodis said. “I would argue there are other things you can spend the money on that are more conducive to rehabilitation.”

Personally, I think prisons should be such horrible places to go that those who find themselves there never want to go back.

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One Response to “A democrat state’s idea of punishment”

  1. Dawn says:

    Amen! I know prison isn’t really a cake-walk, but it shouldn’t be a place where you get ANY of the luxuries of the outside world. They should be WORKING while in prison. Hard labor is preferable.