Profile in Incompetence


Investor’s Business Daily has a 10-part series on Jimmy Carter and why the editors believe he was the worst president in American history.

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6 Responses to “Profile in Incompetence”

  1. Alban says:

    Would someone in our neighbour galaxy take note of such a view?
    What would he make of maybe 1,220,580 violent deaths in Iraq since the war?

  2. casey says:

    Liberals are in another galaxy, I think. Only liberals would believe outlandish figures like that, and only liberals would blame the US for the actions of terrorists.

  3. Kansas Bob says:

    Sadly, I voted for Jimmy in 1976 because of his Christian persona … it is one of the reasons I voted for Bush … moral is that we need to be careful about voting for people who are seemingly overtly religious.

  4. casey says:

    Don’t want to give up my age too much, but I don’t remember anything about Carter’s presidency. I only know him from his anti-Israel campaigns and his disgraceful comments about a sitting president.

  5. Lincoln says:

    I was born the same year Carter won election. It wasn’t a good year. :D

    But I thought you already knew that Bush was in fact the worst president in history. He’s Hitler too you know. ;)

  6. casey says:

    Of course. How could I forget? ;)