What makes my blood boil…

…is the elitists in the global warming scaremongering movement that tell us that we have to make sacrifices or the world is going to end. Rich people like Al Gore and Sting who say that there is a crisis going on and that we have to change the way we live or the earth itself is going to wither up and die. I’ll believe there is a crisis when these hypocrites actually make sacrifices themselves. Why is it that the self-professed leaders of this so-called “Save the Earth” movement don’t have to make any sacrifices but we plebians do? If they really believe we’re going to destroy the earth, they better start acting like it. It seems these people want some kind of Communist world where the masses live in poverty while the elite live in extravagance.

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12 Responses to “What makes my blood boil…”

  1. Lincoln says:

    Have you been reading that it’s now being opined that we’re entering a global cooling period? But rather than admit their silliness, they’re now arguing that it’s merely masking the effects of global warming. /:)

    Oy. 8-|

  2. Isaiah says:

    Erm, we can always fly them to Mars and Jupiter to investigate if we on earth truly are the ones causing the “global” warming on those planets as they claim. :D

  3. casey says:

    Good idea, Isaiah. :) Yeah, I have read about the cooling, Linc. I even read about one alarmist who is saying we’re all going to die in an Ice Age!

  4. Kansas Bob says:

    Maybe these guys will start taking commercial air travel to help with their cause – right :(

  5. Isaiah says:

    Maybe Oba-messiah will have a solution since he’s just been confirmed as the Democrats’ choice. :D

  6. casey says:

    Oh, yeah. He’s got a solution all right: Tax Americans into poverty to raise money for more government bureaucracy. Unfortunately, that’s probably McCain’s solution, too.

  7. Isaiah says:

    It’s either more bureaucracy or for another war. No matter what, Americans are going to feel a BIG pinch coming.

    Military Action Against Iran Might Come in Dec: http://www.prophecynews.co.uk/content/view/886/1/

  8. casey says:

    I don’t think war is going to be avoidable either way. The US can’t let Iran get nukes. Even if Obama were naive enough to allow that to happen, Israel isn’t going to stand for it, so we’re going to get drawn into the conflict anyway.

  9. Isaiah says:

    Biblical prophecy (Ezek 38 and 39) seems to suggest that the US and the UK will just be standing on the sidelines going “tsk tsk”.

  10. casey says:

    If we’re in the end times. I’m not convinced of that yet.

  11. Mei says:

    Hey, I have just watched Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore and I thought it was pretty good… you mean that’s all bull***? Any site or material that I can refer to?

    Really confused now…

  12. casey says:

    If Al really believed all that stuff, would he still be living like he does? Well, I guess he would if he thinks he’s exempted because he’s rich. Anyway, check out the Heartland Institute. You can also read a critique of An Inconvenient Truth here.