What if SETI found ET?

The question was posed at Uncommon Descent in response to a survey.

Personally, I am absolutely convinced that there are no sentient extraterrestrials out there (I’m undecided as to whether or not I think there might be unintelligent life on other planets). I agree with one of the commenters at UD who said,

The problem is that the fall of creation (i.e. the universe’s apparent natural evil/entropy/death) can no longer be attributed solely to man’s willful disobedience of God and will present a severe problem reconciling Christ’s atoning work on the Cross.

I realize that Old Earthers would be pretty much unaffected, because they don’t believe that death began at the fall, but if there were extraterrestrials, that would pretty much rule out my theological position (unless they were immune to death and disease). I have big problems with the idea of a God who would create death and suffering and call it good, though, so I’d have to really do some soul searching.

Even if they did find extraterrestrial life (or it found us), I’d still have no reason to doubt the Resurrection, so I can’t say that I’d stop being a Christian, but it would definitely present me with a theological crisis…

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3 Responses to “What if SETI found ET?”

  1. Isaiah says:

    You might find good company with the Vatican’s chief astronomer Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes. :D

    Story here.

  2. casey says:

    That’s probably what prompted the poll. Good company? I guess opposites attract…