Better get in the race, Fred

It’s time for Fred Thompson to get into the race. Michael Medved gives some convincing reasons why it is Mike Huckabee, and not Fred Thompson, who is going to unite the conservatives. My blog pal Bob also has a post on why Huckabee is very electable.

So, where are you, Fred? It’s now or never!

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5 Responses to “Better get in the race, Fred”

  1. Bob Hayton says:

    And it should be Brownback leaving the race! Check out this post by the National Review Online!

    I hope Fred stays out, by the way!

  2. casey says:

    Being from Tennessee, I’m a little biased towards Fred. I’d be overjoyed if Mike Huckabee got the nomination, though.

  3. Bob Hayton says:

    You’re forgiven. You probably were a Fred fan, long before I was a Huckabee fan, so its only right…

  4. casey says:

    Ha, ha. :) We’ll see how it goes. It’s way too early yet. (Unless Fred really does wait too long and conservatives line up behind Huckabee instead. If that happens I’ll drop Fred in an instant.)

  5. mlankton says:

    Fred certainly is charismatic enough. God knows the democrats aren’t even trying.