Separating trackbacks from comments in WordPress 2.7

Normally this isn’t a blog about blogging or blogging software, but I just upgraded my comment section, so bear with me for one more post on the topic. After implementing the new threaded comments feature, I realized I needed to separate trackbacks from comments, because it just doesn’t look nice to have them all together. I was able to do it without any hassle by following the instructions at the blog below:

Separating Pings from Comments in WordPress 2.7

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2 Responses to “Separating trackbacks from comments in WordPress 2.7”

  1. I usually delete the trackbacks on my blog, I got a few that looked spammy, I hope its okay to do that.

    • casey says:

      A lot of the time it is spam. Sometimes they’re legit, though, so you just have to check.