My punditry days are over…

I’m 0 for 2 now. I thought Romney was out of the race after New Hampshire, and I thought Fred was going to win in South Carolina. Just goes to show that you can’t make accurate predictions if you’re emotionally invested in the outcome.

I’m disappointed that South Carolinians decided to vote for John McCain and Mike Huckabee over Fred Thompson. One person who described herself as an evangelical Christian said she voted for Mike Huckabee because he was the “most consistent.” What planet has she been on lately? Huckabee has switched positions repeatedly in just the past two weeks. He now claims he’s going to send all illegal immigrants home, whereas before he supported scholarships for them. He also says he feels that states should have the right to decide whether or not to ban smoking, whereas before he said he was 100% in areement with a federal smoking ban. In other words, he’s willing to say anything to get more votes. He’s flipped on more issues than Romney lately.

I don’t think the Republican party stands a chance if we nominate someone other than Thompson. He’s the only true conservative running, as Rush Limbaugh has pointed out. He’s the only one that both social and fiscal conservatives can support. There won’t be a conservative coalition if we nominate Romney, Huckabee, McCain or Giuliani. Social conservatives are not going to vote for Romney (at least not me, anyway) or Giuliani, fiscal conservatives and anti-amnesty conservatives are not going to vote for Huckabee, and who’s going to vote for McCain? Democrats?

There are a lot of conservatives supporting Romney, including the editors of National Review and Ann Coulter (and Rush Limbaugh if he gets the nomination), but I refuse to vote for someone who is pro-abortion. He pays lip service to pro-lifers, but his healthcare plan provides abortion coverage, and he owns stock in companies engaged in research on embryonic stem cells.

Things don’t look good for a Thompson nomination, so it looks like I’ll be sitting out and not voting this year.

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18 Responses to “My punditry days are over…”

  1. Lincoln says:

    I’m sorry, but the John McCain ad right next to this post really cracked me up. Even Google is having fun at your expense. :D

    If anyone needs to know why I no longer intellectually respect most Christians anymore, they need not look further than Huckabee’s popularity amongst these inbred hicks. :P

  2. casey says:

    You best not be talkin’ ’bout my cousins, Linc… :)

  3. Kansas Bob says:

    GW Bush killed Republican conservatism.. people like me see a lot of GW in Fred and are not impressed with him. Fred has not done well and he has no one to blame but himself.. he conveniently commited very late in the game and he has run a lackluster campaign.. I think that he tried to have it both ways.. TV stardom and presidential aspirations conflicted with each other.

    Sad you won’t be voting but I along with you won’t vote against someone.. I need to be able to vote for someone.. I think that I can vote for any of the top 3 Repbulican candidates.. as long as Rudy isn’t one of them :)

  4. Lincoln says:

    You all best be hauling your buzzoonies to election day no matter who wins the GOP nod. Staying home is a vote for Hillary, and don’t tell me you’d rather see her than someone like Romoney or McCain. :chick:

    Oooooo, new smilies! What plugin did you install? :-B


  5. casey says:

    Hmm, a Republican version of Hillary or the real Hillary…I don’t know. On the one hand, we’ll be giving up the Republican party to the same liberals that have taken over the Democratic party. Either way the country is finished. I think it would be better to have the Democrats take the blame…I might be convinced to vote for Romney. Sure, we’ll continue to abort 1 million babies a year, but at least the economy will be good. :-t

  6. Scott says:

    “Sure, we’ll continue to abort 1 million babies a year, but at least the economy will be good.”

    Who do you think you could possibly elect that will change this any time soon?

  7. Lincoln says:

    Sometimes you have to make a choice between having your arm amputated or your leg. Sure, neither option is ideal, but you should still make a choice.

    And who knows, maybe Romney means what he says. :P :-S :| /:) @-) 8-}

  8. casey says:

    The next president, if he/she appoints constructionist judges, will at least send the issue back to the states, the majority of which will ban the practice or place significant restrictions on it.

    I’m going to need some more convincing between now and November. I can’t trust Romney because his healthcare plan in MA covers abortions. He also has investments in two companies engaged in embryonic stem cell research (the issue that supposedly converted him to the prolife cause).

  9. Lincoln says:

    I wouldn’t vote for Romney just for the simple fact that he’s a Mormon. Those Mormon freaks are nuts (yeah I know, I’m an intolerant bigoted pig, and proud of it!)

    Oddly enough it won’t matter who I choose, since my state always votes for the Democrat by over a 30 percent margin, so my vote is pretty much worthless except for the local elections. In my case I have the luxury then of refusing to throw down the lever for the GOP candidates I can’t stand (which would be, oh, all of them except Freddie.. and Rudy, cuz he’s Italian). If Romney wins, I probably won’t vote for him. If McCain wins I sure as #$%& ain’t voting for him. :sick:

    If you belong in a swing state though you should really vote, even if you have to hold your nose to do it.

  10. Kansas Bob says:

    I support Romney for the same reasons theologian Wayne Grudem does. I also thought Romney gave some good answers in the Christianity Today interview.

  11. casey says:

    No doubt, he talks a good talk. His past record doesn’t match up, though, so I don’t trust him. If he gets the nomination I pray that I am pleasantly surprised by his sincerity.

  12. Kansas Bob says:

    I understand the issues that you have with Romney the candidate but I was wondering what issues you have with Romney the governor. What specifically did Romney “do” while in office that you did not like.

  13. casey says:

    As governor, his health care plan of which he claims authorship and credit provides taxpayer-funded abortions for a copay of $50. In 2002, he provided legal recognition to same-sex couples in Massachusetts, even though he was not required to do so under a state Supreme Judicial Court ruling, as he has suggested. He also supports rights based on sexual proclivities.

    Not exactly what I would call a social conservative.

  14. Rick Rouse says:

    No matter who wins the Republican nomination I’ll have to pull the lever for him if he’s running against Hillary. None of the GOP hopefuls are conservative enough for my taste, but I had enough of Hillary when she co-president during the 90’s. Besides, I’m not sure my blood pressure would stay at survivable levels if Bill became “First Womanizer”.

  15. Kansas Bob says:

    Another view of Romney’s plan:

    Massachusetts pro-life leader Marie Sturgis defends the plan, saying that the Bay State was already under court order from the state’s top court to pay for abortions for low-income women in cases of rape and incest.

    “Certainly we have a problem with anything that provides abortion coverage,” said Sturgis, who is executive director of Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

    I looked at the Joseph Farah article on sexual proclivity and.. if you are really interested in fringe journalism.. I could probably counter with an Ann Coulter opinion piece that supports Romney :)

  16. casey says:

    With his openly pro-choice position of the past, I find it hard to believe that he was simply forced to do that. I’m sorry, but I just can’t trust him. He changed all his positions just in time to run for president. I think he will do or say anything to get elected.

  17. Kansas Bob says:

    I have seen Romney interviewed many times (you can catch a lot of it on youtube) and my opinion is that he sincerely changed his pro-choice inclination once he had to govern a state. I find him to be intelligent, fairly conservative and worthy of a second look.. I didn’t think I liked him at first but came to like him over time as I listen to him debate and be interviewed. Now how much you can trust “anyone” running for office.. well maybe a preacher could be trusted.. oh wait.. that would include Huckabee and (Mormon Bishop) Romney.. oh well :)

  18. Matt R. says:

    I was in the same boat you are, but I do now support Romney.
    Mainly, because of all the candidates left, he is the only one who is even trying to sound like a conservative.
    I was really against him for his pro-choice views of the past, and I too thought that his conversion was in insincere.

    But, I found his “conversion story”, on a website that is very anti-Romney BTW.
    And, it changed my opinion.
    Romney was meeting with a stem cell researcher from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in 2005. Romney claimed the researcher told him,

    “Look, you don’t have to think about this stem cell research as a moral issue, because we kill the embryos after 14 days.

    This is from
    Their main criticisms of this are that, one, he was too old to change, and two, the researcher claimed that they hadn’t discussed anything even related to killing.
    Um, if you are doing this, then you don’t think these babies are alive, thus you “can’t” kill them.
    But that doesn’t mean he didn’t say something that would definitely mean “kill” to a pro-lifer.

    Now his stance on gay-marriage, I really haven’t seen a reason for this change.
    But, for me, I doubt that social issues will be the dominant factor this term, and for me, his current stance of “it’s a states right” is the exact same as Fred’s, and it is the only correct one IMO, and it can also explain why he supported in Massachusetts, where people did want it.

    I’ll do everything I can to see if we can’t get Fred back in this, but, barring a miracle, I would rather see Romney than Huckabee (who is actually a much bigger flip-flopper), Giuliani, or McCain (who has also flip/flopped).

    If you have any info on Romney that shows how he really is a lot worse than just the flipping on social issues, I would be very interested.

    Cya around :)