Rush: “It looks like we have a conservative in the race, folks”

01125111par4584imagefile.jpgIt’s not an endorsement, but it’s apparently as far as Rush Limbaugh, who doesn’t do endorsements in primaries, will go:

“It looks like we have a conservative in the race, folks.

“…You just heard Huckabee say, in defining Reaganism, ‘We need to make sure that we communicate that our party is just as interested in helping the people that are single moms, who are working two jobs, still just barely able to pay the rent as we are the people at the top of the economy.’ Now, that, I have to tell you, it offends me because the whole point of Ronald Reagan conservatism was to be interested in just that group. This is a media myth. It’s a cliché that conservatives only care about the rich.

“…The Democrat Party today has more wealthy constituents in its states and districts than the Republican Party does. It’s another myth just like the Democrats are directly responsible for making the civil rights movement happen. It’s not true! And that’s why I cringe when I hear Republicans like Governor Huckabee falling into this trap, or maybe purposely going into it, implying that Republicans don’t care about the downtrodden. The whole point of conservatism is to lift the downtrodden. The whole point of liberalism is to keep ’em suppressed and then lower the rich and punish achievement! It’s so damned obvious all you have to do is take a look at what they say and what they propose! The economy is going great. People in the lower income brackets are moving out, moving up during the last eight years. This is frankly absurd for a Republican candidate to start running and talking that the Republicans don’t care about little people.

“…Fred’s finally come alive. This is an annunciation of the conservative agenda that has not been present in their debates before, and everybody has known, a lot of people have known it’s there. It just hasn’t surfaced. So now, because of Fred’s stellar performance last night — I should say Senator Thompson’s stellar performance, guess what’s happening? It’s predictable. The Drive-Bys, media commentators, the pundits who ought to be so ashamed of blowing New Hampshire as badly as they did, they shouldn’t be able to show their face, they suffer no embarrassment whatsoever, they are saying it’s too little, too late. We had two states. We had the Hawkeye Cauci; we’ve had New Hampshire. We had two states. It’s too late? Fred doesn’t have a chance? Just wait ’til we get to these states where there are full-fledged conservative Republicans, not like New Hampshire, where McCain won the election with Democrats and independents.

“…Well, it was a long time coming, but there it is: some actual conservatism in the Republican debate last night…By the way, can I ask you a question? No matter how McCain does, nobody is saying he has to win this state or has to win that state or get out and he’s finished. Nobody. Same with Huckabee. Only Thompson, only Romney, and only Giuliani are the Drive-Bys saying, ‘If Romney doesn’t win Iowa, he’s finished! If he doesn’t win New Hampshire, he’s finished. If he doesn’t win Michigan, he’s done.’

‘If Rudy can’t put that machine back together real fast, Florida is going to come too late. He’s done too! He doesn’t have a chance.’

‘Thompson? Why, it’s a joke? Why, Thompson doesn’t know have enough time! He got in too late!’

But they never say, ‘Huckabee needs to win this race, or he’s finished,’ or ‘If McCain loses this state where he’s so up, if he loses, oh, it’s over.’

They’re not saying that.”

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