Pearl of Wisdom

A pearl of wisdom from Rush Limbaugh:

“John McCain is really depressing conservatives. It was just five years ago that he was toying with leaving our party. In 2004 he toyed with being Kerry’s vice president. We’re so screwed.”

That’s exactly how I feel.

The Real McCain Record 

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24 Responses to “Pearl of Wisdom”

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    A few thoughts:

    Conservative doesn’t equal Republican.

    Republican doesn’t equal Conservative.

    Limbaugh doesn’t equal Republican.. even if he calls it our party.

    Republican doesn’t equal Limabuagh.

    Rush is one of the reasons I started to like McCain.

  2. casey says:

    Conservative doesn’t equal Republican. Nope. Republican doesn’t equal conservative. Nope, but it should. Limbaugh doesn’t equal Republican. Republican doesn’t equal Limbaugh. You sure about that? I don’t like McCain. I’m going to vote for him, but I don’t like him, and I’m afraid of where he plans to take the country.

  3. Kansas Bob says:

    Rush doesn’t do it for me Casey.. neither does Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, Ingrahm or Dobson.. these “power brokers” are witholding support for McCain because he doesn’t pay any attention to them.. and they are probably sad that he won’t invite them to the White House if he gets elected :)

    I wonder how long these folks will rage against McCain? Will they sit out the election? Will they take their political-ball and go home pouting that “their candidate” isn’t running? They need to grow up and get over themselves – and people need to recognize them for who they are and stop paying so much attentions to their “opinions”.

    You know these are the same guys that consistently backed “so-called-conservative” Bush – their credibility is not the best.. not with me anyway.

    Sorry for the rant – guess Rush just does that to me :)

  4. Childlife says:

    I’m with you, Casey… I’m not impressed. McCain… ick. >:P

  5. Childlife says:

    That was supposed to be the grumpy smilie down in the third row sticking out his tongue after the “ick”. Not sure what happened. >:P

  6. casey says:

    Are you sure you’re not judging Rush by soundbites played by the media? ;)

  7. casey says:


    I don’t know why it does that. Sometimes the ones with a > work, and sometimes they don’t. >:D<

  8. Kansas Bob says:

    I admit that I haven’t listened to Rush in a few years – has he changed … are people not bowing to him these days ^:)^

  9. casey says:

    Changed from what? What specifically has he said that offended you?

  10. Kansas Bob says:

    Rush has never offended me? What would make you think that I stopped listening because of offence? I stopped listening because he stopped entertaining me.. don’t think that I ever listened to him for news.. but he had entertaining opinions.. and he made me smile.. I just got tired of listening to the same old rehtoric every day.. guess he stopped making me smile.

    Most of my radio listening these days is more in line with the likes of Dave Ramsey and Dr Laura. Politically I like to watch Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough.. as I sip my morning coffee.

    Who are you listening to these days other than Rush?

    Happy Sunday!

  11. Kansas Bob says:

    FYI: I mentioned Dr Laura and Dave Ramsey because they were/are on the radio at the same time Rush was/is on. Most of my other radio time involves music.

  12. casey says:

    “Rush is one of the reasons I started to like McCain.” Rush doesn’t like McCain, and that makes you like McCain. Sounds like you don’t like Rush, so I assumed there was a reason. I’m not a Rush apologist, though. It doesn’t bother me if you don’t like him. Like him or not, though, I think he’s the most influential voice in the Republican party. I don’t listen to any radio, actually. I live in Japan and can’t pick up any American radio stations (I guess I could if I had a shortwave radio…). I only hear Rush on the Internet. Can’t hear him live, because that’s 2 in the morning here. I’ve been in Japan for going on 8 years now, so I’ll have to plead ignorance when it comes to Joe Scarborough. Never heard of him.

  13. Kansas Bob says:

    When I said “Rush is one of the reasons I started to like McCain.”, I was trying to say that I like a candidate who isn’t beholding to the power-brokers of talk radio/TV.. in hindsight I have to say that I didn’t say that very well :)

    I don’t think that Rush is as influential you think he is Casey.. if he were then McCain wouldn’t be the candidate.

    I’d be interested in how Rush has influenced your political thinking Casey.

  14. casey says:

    McCain is the nominee because Rush didn’t pick anyone and because Republicans were divided. I think he’s going to reconsider his policy of not endorsing candidates during primaries after this.

    I can’t say that Rush has influenced me at all if you mean changing my mind and getting me to do stuff. I haven’t listened to him regularly for the past 8 years, and even when I did I already shared most of his opinions before I listened to him. Sometimes I get logical arguments from him to back up my positions, but that’s about the extent of it.

    Don’t get me wrong, though. I’d still listen to him everyday if I could, and I do read his website everyday. I still find him entertaining.

  15. Ash75 says:

    >I just got tired of listening to the same old rehtoric every day.. >guess he stopped making me smile.

    Some of the political photoshop creations on his site are still pretty hilarious though.

  16. casey says:

    Ha, ha. That’s for sure.

  17. Kansas Bob says:

    Rush may not have endorsed a candidate but he certainly gave an anti-endorsement for McCain :)

  18. casey says:

    And most of McCain’s support came from cross-over Democrats. The base of the Republican party was split between Romney, Huckabee, Thompson and Giuliani. The “maverick” never could have pulled it off otherwise. An endorsement by Rush would likely have given either Romney or Thompson the nomination. His less than enthusiastic support for Huckabee once everybody else was gone was too little, too late.

  19. Kansas Bob says:

    I agree with your assessment Casey. Rush like many of us conervatives missed it. Our splintered support got McCain the nomination. My concern is that Rush’s non-support of McCain will further splinter us, keep people from voting and get a democrat elected.

  20. casey says:

    I believe that’s what Operation Chaos is all about. The only problem is that as Rush has pointed out, if McCain does win people are going to proclaim that conservatism is dead and that the Republican party doesn’t need us conservatives anymore to win. They’re going to pull the party to the left, and then where will we go?

  21. Kansas Bob says:

    Time will tell whether McCain can make it without Rush’s support – if he does win then it will probably say something about Rush and about his influence in the Republican party.

    I can vote for McCain because he is a social conservative.. aren’t most of us happy about having a pro-life candidate to vote for?

  22. casey says:

    From what I can tell, Rush is supporting him now that he is the nominee. By that I mean he wants him to win over Hillary or Barack, not that he’s excited about McCain (hence the implementation of Operation Chaos).

    The problem is that McCain is not really a social conservative. He says he’s prolife, but he supports embryonic stem cell research. He says he’ll appoint strict constructionist judges, but his record of compromise suggests that he will not. He’ll be better than Barack, but I’m not sure a McCain presidency would be all that different from a Hillary presidency.

  23. Kansas Bob says:

    “I’m not sure a McCain presidency would be all that different from a Hillary presidency.”

    Here is an excerpt from this article:

    McCain’s voting record in the Senate is by most measures conservative. The American Conservative Union has given him a lifetime ranking of 82 percent, although his 2006 ranking was 65 percent. Conversely, the liberal Americans for Democratic Action reports that McCain voted its way just 14 percent of the time between 2000 and 2006.

    I don’t think Hillary’s record is anything close to McCain’s.. if you think it is then I think that Rush can say “Mission Accomplished”. :)

  24. casey says:

    All I’m saying is that McCain votes against conservative opinion 40% of the time as of late, and he’s betrayed us at several points along the way, even with respect to judges. He’s not going to govern as a conservative. I’m sure he’ll be better for us than Hillary, but at least if Hillary governed as a liberal it would not be a stab in the back. I think a McCain presidency is going to be very painful, so I’m just getting myself prepared. ;)