Riots if Obama loses?

The Left is hinting at widespread chaos if Obama loses. Are they trying to scare people into voting for Obama? Are they trying to legitimize violence in the event that their candidate of choice loses? Are these Democrats convinced that if their candidate does not win then democracy will not/does not work? What exactly is the point of predicting riots? I wonder what Obama will do if he does lose. Will he do the right thing and condemn the rioting, or will he fan the flames like his pal Odinga did in Kenya?

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2 Responses to “Riots if Obama loses?”

  1. Arkady says:

    What is he talking about? Didn’t Kerry have a 5 point lead in the exit-polls?

    5 points is within the margin of error. Carvel has lost his ever loving mind.

  2. casey says:

    Hasn’t he though? Maybe I’m reading too much into their comments, but it seems to me they’re saying that such violence would be understandable and a reasonable response. In other words, they’ve decided that if Obama loses it’s because of fraud.