Violent polytheists

How many times have you heard that monotheism is the source of the world’s problems? Monotheists like Christians, Jews and Muslims are supposedly the root of all evil. If only everyone could be as open-minded as the polytheists there wouldn’t be religious violence, they say. One only needs to look to India to see that this is not the case. There you have Hindu on Muslim violence, Hindu on Christian violence, Buddhist on Hindu violence, Hindu on Buddhist violence, etc. The latest is Hindu mobs ransacking churches because their Christmas prayer vigil was too large in scale.

Twelve village churches were burned and ransacked in eastern India over Christmas as Hindu extremists clashed with members of the Christian minority.

One person died and more than 25 were injured in the violence in Orissa state.

It was sparked after Hindu hard-liners objected to the scale of a Christmas Eve prayer vigil, according to the Catholic Bishops Conference in New Delhi.

More than 450 police had to be deployed to quell the violence, which saw groups of Hindus rampaging through villages in the Kandhamal district, burning the mud and thatch village churches.

By yesterday afternoon police said the worst of the violence appeared to have subsided.

However, local Christian leaders accused the state authorities of failing to intervene quickly enough, drawing comparison with the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat in 2002, which left more than 1,000 dead and were state-sponsored according to human rights groups.

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