Origins of the Beijing Olympic logo

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6 Responses to “Origins of the Beijing Olympic logo”

  1. Isaiah says:

    ha ha, I saw this some time back… funny!

    I am not at all excited by the Olympics, looking forward to the start of a new English football season instead. :D

  2. casey says:

    I’m excited about Taekwondo and Judo, but I don’t know why China was chosen to host the Olympics. Apparently a whole lot of the athletes from around the world are staying in Japan right up until their contests begin, because they fear for their safety in China. China isn’t keeping its promises with respect to the media, either. When are people going to learn?

  3. Kansas Bob says:

    Yikes! Where did you find that one? Unforunately it is more representative of China than they would like for us to believe :(

  4. casey says:

    It was on another blog without attribution. I don’t know where it came from originally.

  5. Isaiah says:

    I prefer to catch the gymnastics, diving and swimming events.

    Read the boo-boo on the Internet access as well. Nobody will learn, mate, coz everyone wants to curry favor with China nowadays. My ancestors came from that part of the world, but I feel no affinity with the Chinese in China. :D

  6. Nephos says:

    That is eerily accurate! I love watching the Olympics, but have to question the choice of China to host. How easily we forget!