Random, incoherent observation of the day

Yesterday a mosquito reminded me of something that I find inexplicable: why are we able to discover medicines? Cortisone stops the itch of a mosquito bite almost instantaneously. I understand why mosquito bites itch. I also understand how cortisone stops the itch. What I don’t understand is why does cortisone exist? What is the evolutionary explanation for how humans find cures to diseases? Why does this stuff work? Why is it that when I have a headache I can take Tylenol and the ingredients in it work to relieve my pain? I don’t understand how these things could just accidentally exist. Why do they work? I realize this is partly a philosophical question and is, therefore, probably outside the realm of science, but I personally feel that medicine and cures are gifts from God. It was our sin that brought death and suffering into the world, but God in his mercy has provided things for us that will ease that suffering (even though he is under no obligation to do so, since we are solely to blame).

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4 Responses to “Random, incoherent observation of the day”

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    Great thoughts! I agree with this:

    “I personally feel that medicine and cures are gifts from God.”

    Too bad some think that healing is limited to the miraculous.

  2. casey says:

    Too bad, indeed.

  3. micpro says:

    Ummm… because the pharmaceutical industry is the top rung of the evolutionary ladder? Ha!

    Seriously, I think you are right on track here. I think we take so many things for granted, not recognizing them for the gifts of mercy that they are.

    Great blog you have here Casey! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my last post.

  4. Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Sure, we can attribute the inspiration to blind luck, but if we rely on that explanation too often the whole worldview becomes very improbable (literally) ;-)