Lesser of two evils it is…

Well, I thought I might vote for a third party this year, but because John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, I now feel that he is sincere in his promises to appoint constructionist judges to the Supreme Court. So, you’ll see that I now have a McCain-Palin button on my blog. I’m confident McCain is going to stick to his word and that the issue of abortion will be returned to the states within the next eight years. I don’t even really consider it a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils anymore. I’m actually cautiously optimistic about this ticket.

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3 Responses to “Lesser of two evils it is…”

  1. Lincoln says:

    Vote Hottie, not Snotty!! :D

  2. Kansas Bob says:

    I liked the speech last night and thought that Palin was articulate and effective. I think that it will help us undecided folks if McCain tonight can make the case that he is really different than Bush.

    What do you think about Lieberman being so close to being McCain’s vp candidate? Seems that there was not a prolife litmus test for vp.. why should I believe it will be any different for the high court?

  3. casey says:

    I don’t really know how close Lieberman was to being McCain’s VP, Bob. I know there was speculation. I also don’t know how close he was to choosing Ridge. In the end, though, he chose Palin, and he couldn’t have made a better choice (although I would have been equally pleased with Pawlenty).