Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

The Obama presidency has so far been a disaster for future prosperity. The national debt has, what doubled? Our president is calling the shots at auto companies, and he is well on the way to establishing a socialized health care system and putting the final nail in the coffin of capitalism. Americans are now funding abortions overseas, and Obama supports the elimination of all restrictions in the US. It could get much, much worse, however, and bioethicist Wesley J. Smith describes one of the ways at The Weekly Standard:

Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, ranking Republican member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, recently announced he was holding up the confirmation of law professor Cass Sunstein–a close friend of the president rumored to be on the fast track for the Supreme Court–as the White House’s “regulations czar.” The reason: Sunstein explicitly advocates animals’ being granted legal standing.

…Of all the ubiquitous advocacy thrusts by animal rights advocates, obtaining legal standing for animals would be the most damaging–which makes Sunstein’s appointment to the overseer of federal regulations so worrisome and Senator Chambliss’s hold on the nomination so laudable. Chambliss plans to meet with the nominee personally “to provide him the opportunity to fully explain his views.” Chambliss said:

Professor Sunstein’s recommendation that animals should be permitted to bring suit against their owners with human beings as their representatives, is astounding in its display of a total lack of common sense. American farmers and ranchers would face a tremendous threat from frivolous lawsuits. Even if claims against them were found to be baseless in court, they would still bear the financial costs of reckless litigation. That’s a cost that would put most family farming and ranching operations out of business.

But animal standing would do more than just plunge the entire animal industry sector into chaos. In one fell swoop, it would both undermine the status of animals as property and elevate them with the force of law toward legal personhood. On an existential level, the perceived exceptional importance of human life would suffer a staggering body blow by erasing one of the clear legal boundaries that distinguishes people from animals. This is precisely the future for which animal rights/liberationists devoutly yearn.

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One Response to “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse”

  1. Rick Rouse says:

    What a crazy concept. God gave man dominion over the animals. This means that we are charged with the responsibility of treating them humanely while at the same time using them for our own benefit when appropriate, whether it be for companionship (pets), research or food. Legal standing for animals – hogwash!