It’s all good

Here’s another Japanese group I like. The name of the group is “Ulfuls.” All their songs are fun. This one translates roughly to “It’s all good” (Nahndemo ay nen).

Some of the lines are:

You don’t have to do anything

You don’t have to say anything

Go ahead and laugh

Do what you want

It doesn’t matter if you fail

You can just try again

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6 Responses to “It’s all good”

  1. Isaiah says:

    Makes me wanna go “YATTA!” at the end of each verse. :D

  2. casey says:

    Doesn’t it though? :)

  3. Ash888 says:

    That’s hilarious! I always thought the name of their group was the “Wolves” not “Ulfuls.” Doesn’t “wolves” that make more sense when reading it in Japanese?

  4. casey says:

    It has an extra “ru” in it, though. ;)

  5. Ash888 says:

    Good point.I didn’t even notice that. Too bad “Ulfuls” doesn’t sound cool. “urufuruzu” sounds better somehow.

  6. casey says:

    Yeah, don’t you just love saying it? :)