Do radical Muslims understand irony?

“Are you insulting my religion by calling it violent? I’ll kill you!”

Threats force website to pull Quran video 

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7 Responses to “Do radical Muslims understand irony?”

  1. Isaiah says:

    I think I might be a contributor to the crash. :D

  2. casey says:

    What do you mean?

  3. Isaiah says:

    The site that had it crashed when the video was made available. Guess who was one of them folks trying to access it? :P

  4. Isaiah says:

    Our government here actually released a statement on the film, as reported by this blog:

  5. casey says:

    Oh, I didn’t know the first site crashed due to the heavy traffic. I’m sure I contributed, too. :)

  6. casey says:

    I don’t see what they’re complaining about. Those are the exact verses that the terrorists use to justify their actions. If anyone is portraying Islam in a negative light it is the terrorists that murder innocent civilians.

  7. Isaiah says:

    Aye, those are exact verses in the Qu’ran. I also think that they cannot defend it saying that only radicals do it, because if it’s the book, it’s a commandment (sorta) to all believers. Just like I can’t understand why people say that only aggressive Christians evangelize when all of us are called to do so.