Iranian President is a Terrorist

CNN refuses to connect the dots with Iranian weapons in Iraq and the Iranian government. Here are a series of questions from CNN directed at the President:

“General Pace says that these bombs found in Iraq do not, by themselves, implicate Iran. What makes you so certain that the highest levels of Tehran’s government is responsible? And how can you retaliate against Iran without risking a war?”

“I want to follow up on Iran one more time. Are you saying, today, that you do not know if senior members of the Iranian government are, in fact, behind these explosives?”

“What assurances can you give the American people that the intelligence this time will be accurate?”

It’s not surprising that Iran is supporting terrorists in Iraq. What would be surprising would be if they were not. Ahmadinejad himself is a terrorist:

Former hostages allege Iran’s new president was captor

Photo shows Iran leaderas ’79 U.S. hostage taker

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