Well, maybe he hasn’t accomplished anything, but you’ve gotta admit he inspires!

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7 Responses to “Well, maybe he hasn’t accomplished anything, but you’ve gotta admit he inspires!”

  1. Nephos says:

    That was hilarious! I’m not a Chris Matthews fan, but kudos to him for pressing the point, and for highlighting a major issue in this election.

  2. Kansas Bob says:

    This is a pretty old video.. several folks came out after this interview listing Obama’s accomplishments.

  3. casey says:

    Okay, Bob. Name one. :D

  4. Kansas Bob says:


    Okay, fair-play time Casey :)

    Can you name any McCain accomplishemnts?

  5. casey says:

    I’m not on national television marketing myself as a McCain supporter. That’s what makes the video so funny. In fact, though, I’m not even a closet McCain supporter. I think McCain is a miserable choice, but I think he’s a better choice than Obama. He’s more experienced as a Senator, I’ll say that much. He certainly has more bills under his belt. Neither one of them has any executive experience or any other experience that qualifies them to be president. Hopefully their VP choices will be wise.

  6. Kansas Bob says:

    I guess what you are saying Casey is that McCain is older.. hmmm.. but is he wiser?

    I think that we are sadly in agreement that our choices are not what we would like them to be this year. Also agree that the VP spot will tell us a bit about the candidates.

  7. Childlife says:

    Funny and oh, so disturbing! Thanks for sharing this one Casey! :D