In the Footsteps of Paul

A recent trip to Greece piqued my interest in the history of Christianity. It also strengthened my conviction that Christianity is true. Some skeptics say that Jesus did not exist. The life and missionary work of Paul of Tarsus prove otherwise. You don’t even have to take into account the miraculous conversion experience where he went from persecutor to proselytizer. Paul’s missionary work started around A.D. 35-36, less than five years or so after Jesus was crucified. If, as some skeptics like to say, Paul was the true founder of Christianity, then surely Peter, one of Jesus’ most beloved disciples, would have rebuked him for changing Jesus’ message or lying about who Jesus was. Seeing as how they travelled together, there was certainly occasion to do so.

Anyway, I was delighted to see that there was a book offered in the Thomas Nelson Book Review club that showed the journeys of Paul in pictures. It is called In the Footsteps of Paul and is filled with beautiful photographs by renowned photographer Ken Duncan. The author/photographer traced Paul’s steps according to the book of Acts and has taken photographs of the modern day places mentioned. It really brings the story alive. The photographs are supplemented with Scripture and quotes from well-known Christians like Billy Graham, Beth Moore and Charles Spurgeon.

It’s not a meaty book that will shed light on doctrines or anything like that. It’s basically a book that you’d put on your coffee table, but with its pictures of Jerusalem, Damascus, Antioch, Athens, Rome and other cities Paul visited on his missionary journeys, it is great for getting a mental image to go along with the narrative provided in Acts. Of course, actually visiting those places in person is even better, but this is the next best thing.

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2 Responses to “In the Footsteps of Paul”

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    I love books like that Casey.. really helps to bring the scriptures alive. “The Essential Bible Companion”.. .. is one that I like.

  2. casey says:

    Thanks, Bob. I’ll have to check that one out.