Humorous discussion

I engaged in a humorous discussion the other day with a person who believes that this world is an hallucination. I would provide the link, but I don’t want to “artificially enhance” the discussion. Anyway, I thought I’d share the conversation with you.

Confused bloke: There is not one thing in this world that is true. All religion is false, and a blatant denial of reality, because there is no world. It is a hallucination. It will never be compatible with the idea of wholeness and infinity. It is an illusion of separation.

Me: Do you look both ways before you cross the street? No offense intended, by the way. It’s an honest question.

Confused bloke: Yes, I do, Casey. This does not prevent me from practicing that this world is not real. I am not exempt from the effects of my thought. The laws I set in motion first and foremost affect me in my perception of myself.

A single source of reality, however, has noting to do with this world of conflict. One has to go back far enough to know. It is a miracle, because everything tells you that what I am talking about is nonsense, and there is no connection between this world and the truth. You cannot come to know truth. Therefore, it has to be a miracle, and it is.

You would have to ask yourself, why anyone, why you are fundamentally never able to find true and lasting happiness here. If that is so, you are obviously in the wrong place.

Me: I have found true and lasting contentment. Perhaps not the same thing as perpetual happiness, but I have faith that that will come in the next life. One more thought, though, if this world is merely an hallucination, that means it’s your hallucination, right? By extension, the people here are also part of your hallucination. Why, then, are you trying to convince your hallucination that it is hallucinating?

Confused bloke: Very legitimate question, Casey, I have to ask myself. You ask, why am I trying to convince my hallucination of the fact that it is hallucinating.

I started out with the intent to offer the videos of Master Teacher, which I also post on my blog. More and more I also used it to give my inspiration and insights, or my ideas away. Give everything away, give away what you value. My blog is a way to do this, because I need to hear and accept it myself. I am teaching myself. Fact is, if I awake, everything and everyone awakes, and in fact has. In that sense, I am the last who has to get it. I do it, because I decide to. I do it, because I like to.

Me: Interesting. Well, in that case, I hope we have a great day!

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24 Responses to “Humorous discussion”

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    In keeping with the day, I “encourage” you to post more of these wildly funny posts!

  2. childlife says:

    …And I thought conversations were confusing at my house…

  3. Scott says:

    The person sounds a bit like a “Christian Scientist”.

  4. casey says:

    Sorry. I’m only funny once every six months. I’ll try to remember to post the story next time my sense of humor comes out of hibernation.

    Just wait ’til your kids learn the truth! When they realize that you’re just a hologram they’re going to walk all over you. :D

    Yeah, I think I heard Tom Cruise say something like this once.

  5. Sicarii says:

    What I’d like to know is — how many levels of hallucination does he have? Like is he hallucinating that he hallucinating, or something like that…

    I better stop while I am ahead and not confused.

  6. casey says:

    Or is he part of the Matrix? Personally, I think we’re all just bodiless brains sitting in jars being stimulated by some mad scientist…

  7. Sicarii says:

    Sorry, I musta been hallucinating till now coz I just realized you added me to your blog roll.

    Or did Keanu Reeves tell me about it?

    I can’t remember.

    But thank you! :-)

    This is no hallucination: God bless, and Shalom!

  8. casey says:

    The blogroll? That’s old news! I added you a month ago! :P

  9. Kansas Bob says:

    I remembered … I’ll be back in March expecting funny!

  10. casey says:

    Oh, no. I don’t do well under pressure!

  11. Alban says:

    Hi Casey,

    you forgot to include my last resonse to you at Blogcatalog.

    Here we go – that’s what I wrote:
    “Thanks, Casey. In other words, I admit to my fraudulence. For that I have to forgive myself. I don’t see any other way but to teach myself, and to use the power of my mind and stay active with a true purpose. It is always a miracle.”

    To everyone here, all I can say, the idea of continuing a “life” that will inevitably end in death, with lots of pain, sickness and getting old on the way, held no attraction to me, at least not enough to stay away from considering a real alternative meaning something NOT THIS. All I know, is that I have a choice. My thoughts are not idle. My thoughts make up the world I experience. Therefore, do I want what I see? If not, I know where I have to turn to, even if I find myself in a place of addiction to death – that is all forms of fear – in my mind.

    It is all a matter of time. Sooner or later, I will let go of my ideas, because they don’t bring happiness. How painful does it have to get, before we claim that there has to be a better way? Anyone seen “The Brave One”, the new movie with Jodie Foster yet? It is by far not an enjoyable movie at all, but I think that is the mindset of the human being, trying to set things right in a desperate attempt to escape what it sees as an attack upon itself. It does not know of other than revenge. Yet it will never succeed with this kind of action of mind. Nothing changes through getting even, and all I will be in that is a hardened person.

  12. casey says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Alban. This post was written before your last response. In fact, with the way BC is set up, I didn’t even know you had responded.


  13. Scott says:

    FYI, Christian scientists and Scientologists are not the same thing.

  14. casey says:


    What’s the difference? I saw on Wikipedia that the two are sometimes confused as being the same thing. I’m one of the people who thought they were the same thing.

  15. Scott says:

    Well Wiki may have said it better, but Scientology is a pseudo-religion started by L. Ron Hubbard spawned from Dianetics. Chrisitan Science was started by a woman in the 19th century (I think) and says that all we experience here is more or less in our minds. CS is an offshoot/cult of Christianity. Scientology has nothing in common with either CS or Christianity.

  16. casey says:

    Thanks, Scott. That clears it up.

  17. Dana says:

    I’ve had a few conversations like that. Wait…that guy sounds like me in high school. Maybe I finally figured out how to transcend time and you were chatting with my high school self.

    Entirely possible since all reality is a figment of my own imagination.

  18. Dukkha says:

    Would just like to point out some interesting ideas.

    The first paragraph is enough to get an idea of it:

    And this is also interesting (I’m linking to a sub-section).

    So, “there are thoughts”. Don’t think you can say, ‘there are hallucinations’ (because the differentiation between ‘thoughts’ and ‘hallucinations’ is yet another thought.

  19. Alban says:

    Yes, Dukkha, I see your point. And I agree, the differentiation would not matter, except for one thing. What about reality?

    A Course In Miracles teaches, my thoughts are images i have made. I see my thoughts as images. I am an image maker. That does not represent reality.

    Would you say, God’s thoughts are not different from mine? If they are different, then I would have to call my thoughts hallucinations, no matter if they appear to me as images or not.
    It all depends on the possibility of this world. If it is possible, and therefore true and real, then I rest my case. What is your starting point? Do you start with a single source of reality?

  20. Dukkha says:


    What about reality?

    It is true that any ideas you have of things ‘existing’ beyond, above, and outside of yourself are merely ideas.

    Whatever you make of them, your senses and your thoughts are the inescapable “reality”.

    Would you say, God’s thoughts are not different from mine? If they are different, then I would have to call my thoughts hallucinations, no matter if they appear to me as images or not.

    I don’t get how you can make that inference. Maybe it’s a semantic misunderstanding by me.

    Calling it a hallucination in no way changes the nature of the ‘reality’ I mentioned above.

    Hallucination is a word most people use to describe sensory input without external stimuli (i.e. as experienced by psychotics and schizophrenics).

    Maybe you’ll find this interesting.

    What is your starting point? Do you start with a single source of reality?

    Doesn’t reality unfold itself?

    ‘Myself’ is another mental concoction. What makes you believe that your sense of self is not yet another hallucination?

    “With what frame of mind should one discipline oneself in the truth?”
    Said the Zen master, “There is no mind to be framed, nor is there any truth in which to be disciplined.”
    “If there is no mind to be framed and no truth in which to be disciplined, why do you have a daily gathering of monks who are studying Zen and disciplining themselves in the truth?”
    The master replied: “I have not an inch of space to spare, and where
    could I have a gathering of monks?
    I have no tongue, and how would it be possible for me to advise others to come to me?”
    The philosopher then exclaimed, “How can you tell a lie like that to my face.”
    “When I have no tongue to advise others, is it possible for me to tell a lie?”
    Said Doko despairingly, “I cannot follow your reasoning.”
    “Neither do I understand myself,” concluded the Zen master.

    The one (in italics) at the top of this page is also worth reading.

  21. Alban says:

    If God’s thoughts are different from mine, therefore setting up conflict and contradiction, mine cannot be true. Otherwise the fundamental idea that truth is true and nothing else is true would be violated. God is the ultimate reality. Everything not in line with His idea cannot be true.

  22. casey says:

    Does this stuff really make sense to you, Alban, or are you deliberately ignoring the accepted definitions of words in order to confuse the issue?

  23. Alban says:

    I think you will not be able to find any universally accepted definition of anything. Look at the evolution of some basic concepts like God over time, for instance in the Old Testament. You would have to tell me, what accepted definition you refer to.

    Maybe, I did not express myself clearly. If my thoughts are different from God’s thoughts, I am obviously in a state of conflict. Not because of what God thinks, but because of what I think. Yet that implies already that there can be anything other than God. How could that be? Only in my separate mind, which is not a real possibility.

  24. Dukkha says:


    “thus the world we see and experience full of objects with parts is a product of human misperception”

    So I guess you’re right: we’re seeing stuff that isn’t really there.

    I thought this was humorous (Eris being the deity in their mock religion):

    GREATER POOP: Is Eris true?
    MALACLYPSE THE YOUNGER: Everything is true.
    GP: Even false things?
    M2: Even false things are true.
    GP: How can that be?
    M2: I don’t know man, I didn’t do it.