Are we causing Mars and Jupiter to warm, too?

If there are no Martians or Jupiterians, then the global warming occuring on those planets must be our fault, right? Well, at least we know President Bush has something to do with it.

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4 Responses to “Are we causing Mars and Jupiter to warm, too?”

  1. Isaiah says:

    You’re kidding me!

    Hmm… it’s probably because when NASA sent those probes up to take pictures of the planets in question, they also had the probes shoot canisters of all those greenhouse gases from earth onto Mars and Jupiter.

    Either that or E.T. is really a space cow and has been farting and belching… a lot!


  2. Ash75 says:

    It’s all those SUVs we’re drivin’ around on Mars!

    Maybe your E.T. theory would explain Jupiter though, Isaiah.

    The sun has nothing to do with it! Nothing!

  3. Childlife says:

    It’s the aliens :ant:

    They trashed their planets first, and now they are hiding among us… going after our planet as well. I knew it all along!

    Either that, or it has something to do with your grandmother’s apparent excessive fondness for castor oil that you were telling me about, Casey…

  4. Nephos says:

    It’s the exhaust emissions from a time-travelling Enterprise. They just have their cloaking device up and we can’t see them. Oh, wait. Never mind. It has to be Bush.