Fred’s announcement video

If Fred can keep talking like this I think he’s got a very good shot at the presidency.

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6 Responses to “Fred’s announcement video”

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    Fred seems to me to be a smoother version of President Bush … I am not sure that his positions are too much different than Bush … he even seems to have the same condescending attitude when he makes a speech. I think that Bush’s/Fred’s position on Iraq is opening a wide door for the democrats.

  2. casey says:

    I don’t think so. Congress’ approval rating is worse than President Bush’s. We did the right thing by going to Iraq. Even if you disagree with that view, you can’t possibly think that turning our backs and letting the bloodthirsty “militants” take over would be better for the Iraqi people…or us, for that matter. What is it going to look like if we break our promise to stay until the job is done? We’ll lose absolutely all credibility in the eyes of the people of the Middle East. Not only that, but the warlord that causes the most bloodshed will assume power. It will be a blood bath.

  3. Kansas Bob says:

    You and will simply have to agree to disagree on the Iraqi Civil War Casey. I am not neutral on this one as I have a son fighting in Iraq who disagrees with your sentiments. He tells me of Iraqi troops who refuse to fight by his side … who stay in camp when he and other US troops go after insurgeants … he tells me about the politics of the war and how they let insurgeants go if they are connected into Iraqi politics. Guess we will have to agree to disagree on the Iraqi Civil War.

    From your reply though it sounds that you would support a national draft to bolster the troop numbers … am I wrong about that?

    About pro-war republican candidates, I guess we will have to see what the congress and the presidency looks like in November 2008 … hopefully November 2006 won’t be repeated.

  4. casey says:

    Thanks, Bob, for the info. I’ve heard different stories from different troops. I have no reason to doubt what anyone’s saying. I think the true picture is probably a combination of everything. I will add your son to my list of prayer requests, though.

    If we have to bolster the troop numbers significantly in order to win I don’t see how a draft would be avoidable.

  5. casey says:

    You’re welcome. I pray that God will bless you and your family immeasurably and that he will protect your son.