SC Debate Winner: Fred Thompson

Jim Geraghty of National Review says that Thompson was the big winner in the SC debate. He mentions that Frank Luntz’s focus group says Fred won, too. He must have, because at this moment I cannot access Fred’s website and the amount of donations has skyrocketed in the past hour. Go Fred!!

Update: Here’s Fred explaining why Huckabee is not the right person for the nomination (at least in the Republican party):

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9 Responses to “SC Debate Winner: Fred Thompson”

  1. Kansas Bob says:

    I thought that Huckabee had a great comeback in that debate and I’m not sure that Fred came off as well as some thought. Fred seems to be trying to help his friend John McCain. Guess we’ll see in a month after super Tuesday how effective any of them are.

  2. casey says:

    You mean his little airforce quip or the part where he talked about bringing the Reagan coalition together under Big Government? He wasn’t able to show that he’s not a liberal. The SC voters are not going to choose him. I admit, I’m biased, but I think Fred is going to pull away from the pack very soon.

  3. Kansas Bob says:

    You may be right Casey.. Fred does fit the Texan Bush Republican model speaking in absolutism and coming across a bit dour and pompous.. maybe that is what Republicans want.. I’m just not sure that we need another Bush. I am not a big Huckabee fan either. Really, is there a conservative out there with a personality?

  4. casey says:

    Well, you already know my criteria. I look for a prolifer first and then for the prolifer that most closely reflects my beliefs. Romney didn’t make the cut since he wrote a healthcare plan that includes coverage for abortion (after his supposed conversion to the prolife cause). He has also flip flopped on so many issues I don’t know which issues he can be trusted on.

  5. Kansas Bob says:

    What attracts you to Fred over McCain?

  6. casey says:

    His opposition to embryonic stem cell (ESC) research, his position on illegal immigration and the fact that he hasn’t stabbed conservatives in the back so many times.

  7. casey says:

    Here’s another good list of reasons why I can’t support McCain:

  8. Kansas Bob says:

    Thanks for the link to the Mark Levin article.. it was a good perspective on McCain. Wish I could get passed the dour, pompous, way-too-young-wife, don’t-go-to-church Bush image that goes along with Fred.. hope that wasn’t too cynical.. just where I am on Fred these days.. maybe I should give him a second look?

  9. casey says:

    Ha, ha. I can’t blame you for being cynical. I think Fred’s the real deal, but if it turns out otherwise you can say you told me so. Do give him a second look, though. :)