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PETA loves (making money off) animals

I guess it’s easier and more profitable to put animals down than to actually do the hard work of finding homes for them. …But now Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – is itself on the receiving end of angry words over its own treatment of animals after it emerged that the […]

Another comforting story about NHS

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Is there any hospital in the entire United States where between 400 and 1,200 people have died as the result of poor care in the span of three years? And then there’s the head of the World Health Organization who calculated that Britain has as many as 25,000 unnecessary cancer deaths a year because of […]

Are the fundamentals of the economy sound or not?

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During the campaign, Obama heavily criticized McCain for saying the fundamentals of the economy were sound. Now he’s saying the same thing. What has changed besides the economy getting notably worse?

More on ESCR

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Former President Clinton recently added his two cents to the debate. He said that scientists engaging in embryonic stem cell research must be careful to use only embryos that “have been placed beyond the pale of being fertilized before their use.” Somebody should tell him that fertilization is what produces an embryo and starts human […]

Whose morality?

Bob recently started a discussion on his blog about the issue of legislating morality after I made a comment on one of his posts that all laws legislate morality. As chance would have it, Joseph Farah has a column on WND today on that very topic. He says it better than I could, so here […]

Lifting ban on embryonic stem cell funding not above Obama’s pay grade

For someone who says that the question of when life begins is above his pay grade, President Obama certainly seems sure that it isn’t at conception. After all, if the life of a human being begins at conception, as is the scientific consensus, Obama would surely not be able to say something like, “the potential […]

The great Walter Williams on government healthcare

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Walter Williams has a new column out on government healthcare. Conservatives and liberals want the same thing: affordable, reliable healthcare for all. The disagreement lies in how to achieve it. I am of the opinion that we should fix the problems with our own system rather than trying to convert to another failed system. Government […]

“How about we all stop paying our mortgages?”

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Rick Santelli of CNBC asks traders, “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills? Raise your hand.” Is a revolution underway?

People are idiots

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I haven’t seen the movie Religulous, but I understand that the director would like us to believe that Christians (and religious people in general, I guess) are idiots. I’m sure he found a few. Creative editing may have allowed him to create a few, too. The thing is, though, Evan Coyne Maloney was doing the […]

I will stand on the side of the egg…What?

Japanese bestselling author Haruki Murakami recently went to Israel to accept an award. In the true words of a genius, he said, “If there is a hard, high wall and an egg that breaks against it, no matter how right the wall or how wrong the egg, I will stand on the side of the […]