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Stem cell breakthrough

Speaking of stem cell research, a friend has alerted me to the following story. Prolifers have been arguing for years that research on embryonic stem cells is both immoral and unnecessary (See my essay on the topic written in May 2002). Of course, advocates of embryonic stem cell research remain unconvinced. As I stated in […]

America’s strongest ally

Whenever the issue comes up of who America’s strongest ally is, England and Israel most often make it to the top of the list. Militarily, England is almost certainly our strongest ally, although popular support for the US in England seems to be on the decline. In the United Nations, Israel votes with the US […]

Japan should defend U.S. from ICBM attacks: panel

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For those of you who don’t know, Japan’s constitution prevents them from taking aggressive action. It is so strict that when a North Korean ship attacked the Japanese Self-Defense Forces a few years back, the JSDF were apparently not allowed to fire back because the North Koreans were not using enough fire power to sink […]