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Liberal hypocrites

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What could possibly be the point of ABC revealing “covert action” in Iran? The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the subject, say President Bush has signed a “nonlethal presidential finding” that puts into motion a CIA plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation […]

Start calling ’em French fries again

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Maybe we’ve confused the French with the French media. The election of pro-America Nicolas Sarkozy to the presidency of France shows that the French people don’t hate us as much as our media would like us to believe. Yep, it’s time to start ordering “French” fries again (not that I ever called ’em “Freedom” fries). […]

America, Saving Muslim Women’s Lives

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The US media loves to report alleged abuses by American soldiers, but Fred Thompson provides a list of several honorable deeds performed by the US military on behalf of Muslims in an article on NRO: I doubt, for example, that our television networks have spent as much time exposing the horrors of life for millions […]

Palestinian leader: ‘Kill every American and Jew’

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Why are we providing aid to these people? To make them like us? I’m sorry, but if we dropped support for them all together, I’m afraid their feelings toward us couldn’t get any worse. What’s the point? Yeah, yeah, I know: Give expecting nothing in return. Well, I want to see some gratitude from these […]

VDH’s dream

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Victor David Hanson says he had a dream that the British sailors that were captured by Iran fought back. It’s a nice essay about how the world should be. I recently had a dream that British marines fought back, like their forefathers of old, against criminals and pirates. When taken captive, they proved defiant in […]

Hostages released on Iranian terms

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Thank God the British hostages were released without harm, but God help us, because they were released on Iranian terms. The Iranians learned two things through this incident I think we’d all be better off had they not: 1) The EU can’t protect its citizens 2) Engaging in illegal behavior brings with it no consequences […]

Pelosi is a disgrace

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Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria was a disaster of tremendous proportions, and it is likely something that we will be regretting for generations to come. Shame on the people who voted for her and keep her in office. I can’t explain it any better than David Limbaugh, so I’ll just link to his article on […]

Heading for war with Iran?

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Some other interesting comments from the article in Telegraph by Simon Heffer: I start to wonder whether it might not be time for us to get as nasty with other countries as they do with us… …We don’t have the means to engage in gunboat diplomacy with Iran, and any special forces operation would be […]

Collective suicide is no foreign policy

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The more I listen to Fred Thompson, the more I like him. …when Saddam Hussein was being given a last chance to open Iraq to U.N. weapons inspectors, posters appeared around America asking “What would Gandhi do?” And that’s a pretty good question. At what point is it okay to fight dictators like Saddam or […]

A historical perspective

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I always enjoy reading Victor Davis Hanson’s insights on current events. He is a historian and regular contributor to National Review. This week he puts the war in Iraq into perspective: …Nor have past wars been any easier on other presidents than Iraq has been on President Bush. Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon […]