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Young Earth vs. Old Earth Debate

Tonight I attended a debate between Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe and Minoru Usami of Creation Research Japan. It was called a “debate,” but it was more of a presentation of views for each side to listen to the other. It was stressed that both Hugh Ross and Minoru Usami are evangelical Christians and […]

Was There Death Before Sin?

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I have written a new article responding to Rich Deem’s rebuttal of the young earth creationist argument that there was no death before the Fall on If you’re interested, the article is here. Here’s a short excerpt: For many years now I have enjoyed the articles on At the time of this essay […]

Who has the neurological disorder?

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Bill Maher once said that Christians and others who are religious suffer from a neurological disorder that “stops people from thinking.” Who in their right mind, however, trespasses on private property and thinks that it is okay so long as the persons whose rights you are violating are Christians? I think it is Bill Maher […]

The evolution of flight

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I was spending some time the other day reading about Andy McIntosh, a professor of thermodynamics in the UK, who states that evolution is impossible based on the current understanding of the laws of thermodynamics. He is a vocal proponent of intelligent design. I decided to read up on him and found myself on the […]