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Comments Policy

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My Comments Policy has been published. I basically copied mine from Isaiah’s (hope he doesn’t mind…. ).

Tagged With Impact

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Well, the dry spell continues, so I’m going to do a meme that was passed on to me from Isaiah. It can’t hurt, since the rules are: List at least two posts (with links) that have resonated with you. Do not include your own posts! Give a brief explanation why you like the post. Tag […]

The annoying Firefox pop-up window size bug

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Has anybody else experienced the frustration of trying to comment on blogs hosted by blogspot? You know, you click on “Leave a Comment,” and the pop-up window is about a tenth of the size it should be. You can’t read the other comments, and you certainly can’t leave one of your own. I was holding […]

Six Things About Me (That You Could Give a Flying Leap About)

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I must apologize to my (three) non-American readers, as they have probably become fed up with all these posts on the upcoming presidential election. This meme should help split up the political posts. I am also working on a short post about my views on pre-destination and free will. Several of the blogs I read […]

More fun with gravatars

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I just found a cool addon for Thunderbird called MessageFaces that allows you to add gravatar functionality to your e-mail. It will take images from and display them as shown above. One more reason to get your own gravatar for free! Once you install the addon, you will need to go to the settings […]

Blog readability

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Happy New Year! The following website claims to be able to evaluate the level of education required to read your blog. It says mine requires a high school education. I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed. Do I simply have a reader-friendly style, or am I incapable of writing at a university […]


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Well, I’ve been really frustrated with Akismet for the inability to whitelist friends with hotmail addresses. I’ve got one blog buddy who is consistently marked as spam, and no matter how many times I unmark the spam he still ends up right back in the spam folder with his next comment. I kept looking for […]

Meme time again

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I’ve got two memes to pass along today. The first is the Prudent Power Award from Prudent Musings for blogs that “share the truth.” The second is the You Lift Me Up Award which I received from In the Life of a Child. This one is for what it says: “lifting people up” and encouraging […]

How I got started blogging

Well, the main thing that got me started blogging was that I needed some way to keep people updated on my latest essays and what was going on with my website. I got tired of having to play with html each time, so I decided to do the updates in blog form. I also liked […]

Experiencing problems with gravatars

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I was having some problems with gravatars today, so I deleted the cache and tried to refresh it. Now only 3 people’s gravatars are working, including my own. I wonder if the server over at isn’t just overloaded today.