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Libs can’t take criticism

Criticize a conservative or a Republican and you’re simply pointing out the obvious. Criticize a liberal or a Democrat and you’re “attacking” them. Hillary Clinton runs a despicable ad attacking President Bush, and when the White House responds, Hillary says that the White House “attacked” her. The audacity of these people! Democrats say Bush lied […]

Mike Huckabee could win the Republican nomination

It appears as though Mike Huckabee is rising in popularity. He made a strong showing in the Ames straw poll in Iowa. I’d definitely rather see his name on the ballot than Romney, McCain or Giuliani. My dream ticket would be Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee. My friend Bob Hayton has a link to a […]

Jesus = Jehovah

It is a fundamental doctrine of Christianity that the God of the Bible is a triune God, i.e. that he exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It seems to me, however, that there are many Christians that overlook the implications of this truth. If Jesus is God, then that means that it was Jesus […]

Government is not the solution to our problems…

There are so many Christians out there that think it is government’s responsibility to provide for the poor. Somehow this is seen as following Jesus’ teachings. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the old adage goes, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach him to fish and feed […]

Giving tithes ensures a believer will be rich?

I was reading a Japanese Christian forum the other day, and a certain individual stated that he made a mistake at work and yet it ended up benefiting the company. Then he had car troubles, but his company paid for the repairs. Later, his car stopped on the railroad tracks and caused the trains to […]

America’s strongest ally

Whenever the issue comes up of who America’s strongest ally is, England and Israel most often make it to the top of the list. Militarily, England is almost certainly our strongest ally, although popular support for the US in England seems to be on the decline. In the United Nations, Israel votes with the US […]

World-renowned philosopher pleads, “Do as I say, not as I do”

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Sean Penn, loving husband and committed pacifist, wants the United States to embrace the principles of pacifism he personally holds so dear, engaging in friendly talks with totalitarian leaders like Hugo Chavez and ignoring when other dictators such as Saddam Hussein violate terms of surrender. I suppose the exercise of force should only be put […]

Rwanda prohibits death penalty for perpetrators of genocide

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Joseph Farah writes of his frustration in an article entitled, Help me Rwanda! He is such an eloquent writer that I really have nothing to add. I highly recommend the article. Some excerpts follow: Some 13 years after the government of Rwanda sparked the genocide of some 800,000 mostly Christian ethnic Tutsis, a new government […]

Trip to the Creation Museum

While visiting family in the States, I was able to take a trip to the “controversial” Creation Museum in Florence, KY (near Cincinnati). It was extremely crowded. We waited in line for 45 minutes to get in after a very long drive, but it was well worth the wait! We started off our tour with […]